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Posted by Dethfish

Those Goomba things scared the shit out of me when I was younger.

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That's the best merging of movie and TANG yet! I bet Vinny was stoked when John Leguizamo said the 'aliens' bit. Nice.

Posted by JJWeatherman

That was great. I never got to see that movie so it was good to be able to just see this review.

Posted by ValiantGoat

I loved this movie, as a kid, in a weird way that I knew it was terrible. I'd now make remarks about how bad it is as a movie, but there's really no need to.

Posted by beeryayghost

I remember seeing this movie and thinking "THIS ISNT MARIO. But it aint, bad."

Posted by PhatSeeJay

To be honest... This movie is SO bad I actually enjoy watching it. It's not like an Uve Boll movie where it's so hideous I can't watch it... It goes so bad that it actually reaches a point where I laugh my ass off.

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That's not a monkey at all!

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...who says you can't go home again?

Posted by Kou_Leifoh

Weird ending as usually, thanks Mr. Davis.

Posted by Irishjohn

So... you didn't like it?

I would play The Indomitable Spike.


Not gonna say this movie is good or anything....

but seriosuly. considering the source material, this movie is as accurate as a live action version of the tripped out world that is Super mario bros. was ever going to get.

Posted by freakin

I would watch this again just to remember how it perverted my childhood.

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What!!??  Pump up the Volume is greatness!!!!

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When I saw the trailer as a kid, I swear I was as pissed as I had ever been.  I knew they had fucked up bad.  I had to see it just becuase and I could not believe that this was the best anyone in Hollywood could come up with.  Asswipes.  But I am sure that today a better movie would be possible, just with lots of cgi.

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Lol nice edit with the car scene.

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@CallMeRotten said:
"I actually saw this in the theaters..*shudder*"

WTF were you thinking? Lol
Me and my brother saw this on VHS and when it was over we were like "I don't think thats how the game went."
We were both young and then we knew that it was a terrible movie.
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Brilliant editing to put TANG in the movie Vinny. I actually enjoyed this movie, it isn't THAT bad considering that you can't possibly make anything better than this when using Super Mario Brothers as your source material. I mean really...what is there to the Super Mario games? Shooting fireballs and rescuing a princess.

A little too harsh on this movie I think.

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i'd just like to say ryan is awesome!  keep it up

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if there's nothing constructive to say, then DON'T POST.
Posted by artofwar420

Oh snap the tiger has pants! Did it have pants before?

Posted by TekZero

This movie just makes me feel akward.

Posted by Kratch

Thanks for the warning about Pump Up the Volume.  That movie was awesome when I was in Junior High.

Posted by Kael

I get why they felt like it was a good idea at the time to make this movie, but they should have realized early on that it's fundamentally impossible to make a good movie out of Super Mario Brothers. The property is, and has always been, no more than a cacophony of non-sequitur nonsense.

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wooo starting it now. Welcome bashfest!

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Tempting to watch... There's something about terrible movies that makes you have to watch them.

Posted by Lukeweizer

I want to pump up the volume.

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Also the prison scene is only funny because there's a cop who busts a glass bottle and leaps at somebody about halfway through

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@RenegadeSaint said:
" You can't unwatch it! "

Posted by casualterror

hey he didn't say that Yoshi was in the movie.

Posted by idiotic_genius1

Damn that movie looks awful.
Another awesome TANG though.

Posted by packster

Dude, I don't think there last names are really Mario... Oh well, nice TANG!

Posted by Origina1Penguin

I enjoy Dennis Hopper's crazy roles, but this was slightly disappointing.

Posted by Vampire_Chibi

Worst Movie Ever!

Posted by bigyawn_hippo

This movie has the most shameful set up for a  sequel 

Posted by bshirk

I showed this movie to a friend of mine recently, and she thought it was hilarious.  I had fun laughing at how bad it was, so a good time was had by all.

Posted by LaszloKovacs

I blame this movie for beginning my love of hilariously bad movies.

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I would suggest this movie to anyone who wants to laugh at such a shitty movie. This is worse then some of the parody's on the internet. 

Posted by Krenor
@ISmoochyI said:
" foshizzle, snoop doggie fizzle "

what he said
Posted by TheJollyRajah

This movie is so bad that it's good.

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Watch this atrocious movie while listening to this hilarious 'alternate DVD commentary' by the absolute best there is, DVDPodBlast!!!


P.S. Rifftrax can SUCK IT!!!

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Honestly, I really, really like this movie.  Ok yeah, it has nothing to do with the game, but it's a weird ass Burton-esque movie.  It should have went farther with the darkness.

Also, imagine a Mario game, done accurately.  It would be god damn terrible.

By the way, the mayor of NY getting turned into a monkey is totally a DK refference.

Posted by MasterChief360

all hail to TANG

Posted by Junpei

Hooray for suck ass movies! Also, no Yoshi screens? Or mention that the king is a pile of snot covered seaweed?

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You are so good at these Ryan, you have a great way with words. Cheers.

Posted by eduardo

Leguizamo comments on this movie in his episode of a show called Actor's Studio. Basically he says the producers didn't care one bit at all. As for Bob Hoskins... he denies he was even in it. Hopper just accepts any script that lands anywhere near him.

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They were no good game-movies before, during or after this, the Grandaddy of em all. It couldn't have been any worse even if Uwe Boll had been directing it. Personally, I'd give it 4.5 Turkeys out of 5, all it needed was Jack Palance cast in a bit part for the full 5.

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Ah this movie could never be good let's be honest.