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Awesome son!

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what now, boy!

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foshizzle, snoop doggie fizzle

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Do your TANG Ryan Davis!

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Shit! Ha, this is the one I was waiting for! Awesome!

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Sweet, sweet TANG.

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Supa Koopa Cousins coming in 2011. You heard it here first.

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whooo... i enjoyed it.....

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woot...im the first to type "banana" on this page

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I feel sorry for everyone involved in this movie.

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wow i didnt expect that there was scene after the credits for this movie

so as it stands the resident evil movies and the 1st mortal kombat movie are the only decent vidgame movies

also DO MK Annihilation (srry if  i butchered the spelling) im very curious to hear what u think of that train wreak
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I'm glad you finally got around to this Ryan though a tad surprised you made no mention of yoshi in the movie. Watching this as a kid was absolutely ridiculous.

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Wow never knew about that at the end of the credits

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I remember wanting a bob-omb wind up toy after watching that sequence. Watching this TANG reawakened that want.

Also, there's a scene after the credits?

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Ya  that scene in the police station is probably the only funny scene and even then its just mildly humorous but like always an excellent glass of TANG.

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You can't unwatch it!

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This is Definitely not the game :P

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Keep them coming.

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This would be a good movie to watch when your totally annihilated:)

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I really fucking hated this movie, though that de-evolution machine did and still scares the shit out of me.

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Aww, you should've showed Yoshi's scene. And lol at the Mario Mario scene.

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But it does have a sweet Roxette song over the credits.

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I had heard about this film
but i havent seen any footage,
is all i have to say :)

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You hear that? Ryan said Persona.

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I agree completely with this TANG.  I actually wrote something similar, though shorter, way back when I actually posted stuff on that evil website Ryan and Jeff use to work for.

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That looks terrible

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.....POW Block anyone?

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one of the worst

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Ugh now I remember how legendary bad this movie was.

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Great editing, Vinny!

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i saw this when i was a little kid and thought it was awesome... but now I'm afraid to sleep at night.

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why did I actually click on this to watch? Oh yea Ryan Davis. My mind actually forgot just about everything I could about this movie... now all the shit is comming back to me... AHHHHHHHHHH!

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God, please kill me.

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This is one of those "it's so bad it's good" movies for me. >:D

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  The roxette song from the soundtrack is good though.
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Yeah, a great episode of TANG and a horrible movie.

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man, that movie was such a piece-o-shit.

im 24 now

even as a kid i knew it. i hated it as a kid and still do. like the double dragon movie lol

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Even when I was a kid I didn't like this movie. I hated the look and feel of the whole thing. This just brings back painful memories.

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This needs to be re-released on blu-ray!

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I fucking loved this movie :)

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I still love John Leguizamo even if he is in a horrible movie.

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What would a Uwe Boll directed Super Mario Bros. have looked like though?

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How bad is it???

So bad.
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Bob Hoskins... why did you do it? WHY?! Dennis Hopper! WHY?! John Leg...Nevermind.. he's been in worse.