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Posted by TomeOne

Yesssssssssssss finally! Can't wait to watch!

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That was wonderful

Posted by MistaSparkle

WUTANG endings are always great! Plus cool episode. I might pick it up.

Posted by AuthenticM

I wonder if he'll do Brainscan.

Posted by SpaceInsomniac

Good job on both this and The Last Starfighter.  They were worth the wait. :)

Posted by Aarny91

One day we'll get a computer that plays VHS movies D:

Posted by lemon360

Oh my God, the ending was amazing.

Posted by metalsnakezero

Vinny - VHS does not compute!

Posted by Capum15

The ending was great, beatboxing and VHS.

Posted by Chris2KLee

Awesome ending. And sadly it made me feel old knowing there are a lot of kids out there now that have no idea what the hell VHS is.

Posted by fozzyozzy

Missed opportunity there to have Ryan walking out from the flames to the waiting kid.  When I watched the movie I thought to myself, "how messed up would the filmmakers have to be to have Jack Flak walk out instead of Davey's father?" Sad ending but ohhhh so bad ass.

Posted by Toxin066

I loved the ending, at 5:59.

Posted by BionicMonster

that had to be the worst"walking away from explosion" scene ever.The blast was like 3 fps.

Posted by wfolse1

Aaaaaaahhhhh William Forsythe is one of my favorites.  Great WUTANG this week.

Posted by Sarumarine

Cloak and Dagger!
And, I'm pretty sure that's not how you use a VHS.

Posted by Suicidal_SNiper

Loved the end and Jeff beat boxing.

Posted by DougQuaid

We have come to it at last... Dabney Coleman.

Posted by angrywarhol
@AuthenticM: Aw helllllz yes, Brainscan is killer! 
Posted by GuardianKnux

Hey I live there!  San Antonio FTW!

Posted by ThePilgrums

I'm going to try to work the phrase "Kool-Aid Manning it" into daily conversation. That is great. 
And excellent work on both ending bits. Best ones in a while.

Posted by Scrawnto

To everyone requesting movies, remember that these are going in chronological order.

Posted by Driadon

Cannot stop laughing at that ending.

Posted by LiquidPrince

They just had to reuse that footage of Jeff XD

Posted by bonbolapti

love the end bit

Posted by toots

thanks ryan!

Posted by AlisterCat

Oh man... I love this site.

Posted by Sly_Ry

I live in San Antonio. It's always weird seeing the city in any movie.

Posted by KyleBaron

Jeff <3

Posted by Izzy_sinz

I sure do love the TANG

Posted by fedorajay

It's 7am and there's TANG up. It's going to be a great day.

Posted by fjor

james rolfe review of dragon strike VHS ftw :D.....u should all watch that

Posted by Mezmero

What I'm about to say is for the DM's ears only  Cast a pause spell on your cassette player to ensure your players don't hear it.

Posted by fedorajay
@AuthenticM said:
" I wonder if he'll do Brainscan. "
I asked Ryan when he first started doing WUTANG and he said yes. Just have to wait for it. :)
Posted by PenguinDust

I demand a beat box battle between Henry Thomas and Jeff on the Big Big Show this September 9th!  Someone make a call.
Wow, this was a blast from the past.  I don't think I've seen this movie since 1985.  I had completely forgotten about the 2 fingered lady.   It kind of makes me wish there was a video game tie into to Flight of the Navigator or Sidekicks.

Posted by Baggykins

Am I the only one who got slightly panicked when he put the VHS in the disctray? 
I just had a worst case scenario playing out in my head while it was happening

Posted by Rox360
@f33r_mai_ch33tz said:
" Am I the only one who got slightly panicked when he put the VHS in the disctray? I just had a worst case scenario playing out in my head while it was happening "
... Yes. What worst case scenario is that? I can't think of anything at all!
Posted by PJ
@f33r_mai_ch33tz said:
" Am I the only one who got slightly panicked when he put the VHS in the disctray? I just had a worst case scenario playing out in my head while it was happening "
I actually think you might be. since no one really uses CD/DVDs anymore the drive breaking isn't a big deal.
Posted by Dr_VonBoogie

Cool guys don't look at green screened explosions!

Posted by Keegs

Ok I LOL'd for real at the beatboxing. well done guys!

Posted by Crono

I laughed, I cried, I imagined.

Posted by ImBigInJapan

Man I can't wait for the Wizard.
Also if  Stay Alive and ExistenZ are not on the list they should be.

Posted by enemymouse

I loved this movie as a kid

Posted by DarthB

i loved this movie when i first saw it!  somehow my mom was the one who made me watch it and said i'd like it.  i also watched it recently in hd on my pvr, and still loved it.  classic.

Posted by kollay

Fucking brilliant work, as always.

Posted by fox01313

VHS ending was awesome, I remember playing the Cloak & Dagger arcade game & recall it being quite fun. Good candidate for Game Room on XBL along with many other fun arcade machines (not intellivision/atari2600). 

Posted by mrsmiley

god the ending was so good!!!!

Posted by Drewbs

Great WU-TANG!

Posted by DukeTogo

Making sounds with your mouth when the game already has sound effects.
I had a sweet jacket like Jack Flack had back then, it was pimp.

Posted by TepidShark

 VHS ending was great, but believe it or not the Oregon college I go to is so old school that they actually have methods for transferring VHS to DV Tape.