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cool. damn.

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close but no cigar
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And the intro is still amazing; ending was hilarious.

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woo early WUTANG

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Something wrong Daveeeey?

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WuTang baby!
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EDIT: Man, that walking-away-from-the-explosion green-screen shot.
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kids and there guns.

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oh man, cloak and dagger for reals this time

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I remember this movie being pretty violent and bloody.

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That ending is pretty priceless.

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Do Grandma's Boy! 

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Sick ending. Instead of Jeff Beatboxing I was expecting Ryan dancing. I thought it would be an injoke that will appear in every wutang. Guess not :)

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Every time I see William Forsythe I am always reminded of his line in The Devil's Rejects. "I am sure your knowledge on bullshit is endless."

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dungeonmaster son!

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How do I TANG WU?

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What about Dungeons & Dragons? I know D&D was originally not a video game, but they've made enough games based off it justify a look.

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Fantastic finish. 
Edit: Wait a second, those were Vinny's sexy hands.  Not Ryan's!

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I love this movie.

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Why is that DVD so big! it won't fit into the DVD drive!

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What on earth was that thing you were trying to put into your computer at the end there?

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Excellent review. Looks to be a pretty fun kids film, not sure how I missed it as part of my junk film diet as a kid :/. Ah, well.
And VHS. It's the wave of the future.

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When I was a kid, that lady with the missing fingers was Prime Time EVIL..

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Two weeks in a row? There must be something wrong with Ryan. Are you sick buddy?

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Pure awesomeness, everything about that was great.

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Holy crap, that was William Forsythe?! 
I used to love this movie. I need to pick up a copy!

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I loved this movie when I was a kid.  I totally wanted my dad to be Jack.

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I am so excited.

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@ajamafalous said:
" Finally
EDIT: Man, that walking-away-from-the-explosion green-screen shot. "
Can you even call that green-screen, that was so bad!
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epic wu-tang episode!

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So this must be Ryan's favorite movie, what with two Dabney Colemans in it and all.

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I still have alot of things on VHS, like you guys though. I havnt had a VHS player in quite some time.

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Do I spy luchadeer in the background?

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I see you got the directors cut where Jeff beat boxes over the whole movie.

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The intro theme song is the best.

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Another great TANG. 
 What is this movie teaching kids? that to be a man you gotta kill a guy.
It's about time!

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Still waiting on The Wizard....!

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I hear the next video game systems will use VHS tapes for their games.

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beatboxing mix at the end was ridiculous, jeff is pro

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Great WU-TANG as usual! 
I recognize so many scenes from this however I have no memory of seeing it. I must have seen it when I was very young on TV or something.

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best one yet

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I think I need to see this movie.  Also, great WU-TANG episode.