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Why is this presented like a workplace safety training video?

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I think the problem for me is that early Max Payne looked like Clint Eastwood to me. A whole lot like Clint. This guy sounds like Max, but doesn't look like him as much.

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sign me up!

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Ok, Max Payne, you got me intrested.

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Yea! More Max Payne!

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worst thing ever! the health meter is on the wrong side of the screen!!!!


No seriously, I think we can now lay all those fears about the game not being true to the originals to rest. This looks really cool! (And I bet way too violent in terms of death animations for the German ratings people ...)

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This video reminded me that despite all those games that tried to copy Max Payne, no game had shooting and movement quite like it. Bullet-time dives and 360 degree shooting are still awesome looking.

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The Euphoria engine doesn't get enough praise. It's really amazing.

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@bybeach: .....weirdly I don't have an issue of that image of Clint Eastwood in bullet time shooting people in the face.

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110% more interested in seeing this. This seems to have addressed most of the concerns that I had with the systems. I'm glad I hear there's more of these videos coming.

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This made me excited for more max payne!

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I was down even when they showed him for the first time on that magazine cover but this just makes it seem awesome. Bullet time never gets old for me and the way he twists around when he shoots is great. Finally laying down prone doesn't mean you can only shoot forward. Just looks really good.

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I was kind of expecting this to be just another third-person shooter with Max Payne slapped on it, but this genuinely looks like a real sequel with the wonderful additions of HD graphics and the Euphoria engine. Really looking forward to it.

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Is that the narrator from mass effects compendium?

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This looks... good?

They even have the original voice over dude back. Please, PLEASE be good. Max Payne II is still probably one of my favourite games of all time. Still wish Remedy had a hand in this though...

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This is just a Stranglehold ripoff.


Also, Rockstar should spin out a separate company that makes video game trailers. I'd watch anything they put out. They know how to get me interested in their games. It helps that the games tend to be very good, but they know how to sell it. There are plenty of great games with completely uninteresting trailers.

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Holy cow.

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I'm sold. That shotgun kill cam was pretty sweet.

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@CaLe said:

The Euphoria engine doesn't get enough praise. It's really amazing.

Really, really, really amazing. Does Rockstar own Euphoria? Natural Motion needs to pimp that shit out to every developer, no joke. It's the best animation system, bar none.

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Holy shit.

Is it just me or did the jaw actually break loose in one of those kill shots?

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I feel kinda bad for doubting this game when they first unveiled bald Max. Awesome shooting/animation/New York City/snow tells me they know what they're doing.

A little touch of Soldier of Fortune too with the way some of those bullet impacts were messing people up. Good stuff.

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Fuck that's good.

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@bybeach said:

I think the problem for me is that early Max Payne looked like Clint Eastwood to me. A whole lot like Clint. This guy sounds like Max, but doesn't look like him as much.

The same voice actor for Max in previous games is back for Max Payne 3, however he is now the motion capture and the face likeness of Max aswell as his voice. Early Max Payne was modelled after Sam Lake. the writer of Max Payne, and the 2nd game was modelled after some other dude.

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please dont fuck up the pc version like LA noire

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dat animation. Dat Animation!

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sounds like the dude who reads out the codec entries in mass effect...

god that dive at 1min 28 seconds max payne babeh

edit: man that video was great... some max payne ass max payne going down

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Never played a Max Payne, but I played a whole lot of Stranglehold and I really like what I see here.

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damn that shit looks hot!  good work rockstart, this one just made my must-get list

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That looked badass and put this game on my radar.

Let's hope the shooting feels as tight as they claim.

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so far the game I look most forward to in 2012

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Never doubt Rockstar, people. Never doubt them.

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Only thing bugging me in this vid is the art direction. Not enough color hue diversity so nothing pops and everything has that muddy old Unreal look to it just as GTA4 did. Aside from that pretty amazing tech at work.

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This looks incredible.

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The art of murder. This I like.

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Being a huuuuuuuuge Max Payne fan, this looks very fucking awesome and impressive.

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Huh. My neutral "meh" reaction to Max Payne 3 from earlier, changed to "Oh wow, this looks pretty awesome..." one.

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@raikoh05 said:

please dont fuck up the pc version like LA noire

They will, it's Rockstar.

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The animation and NaturalMotion stuff is fantastic, I cannot wait.

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This video totally redeemed Max Payne 3 for me!
I am now cautiously optimistic.

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Colour me extremely excited for this game.

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Looks like what Stranglehold was supposed to be...

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Looks incredibly fun. This is how to create a good commercial.

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Whoa, looks great. Can't wait to blast thugs in bullet-time again. So good.

I do hope they put some actual effort in the PC version though. The extremely aliased edges and mediocre textures in this footage really drag the experience down.

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@mosdl: god damn youre right, stranglehold would have been so cool. I loved hard boiled, that would have been really cool

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That's one Max Payne-ass looking Max Payne Game.

Now show me Mona and some trippy nightmare scene and I'm in.

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Looks pretty awesome and beautiful in a very dark kind of way

Also, it's Rockstar Trailer Narrator Guy!