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@drewbert the haircut is called a "sidecut"

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I .....er........what..........okay.

This seems like a really cool idea.

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Probably would of been easier if Drew went alternate as well because the buttons are switched for defending as well as shooting.

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Wow, it's as if i dreamed this into existence.

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Ever Banega, indeed.

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Obviously Drew will now have to teach Danny how to take off in an A-10 Warthog.

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I was wondering when Danny was going to tell Drew about the sprint button... hahaha. Classic.

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More of this, please. This needs to be a series. The people demand it!

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This is exactly what I always want after sports game QLs. I love the "I DON"T KNOW SPORTS" parts of QLs but I just want to sit down and explain the simplicity of it. Maybe we could get an NHL QL then too.

Thanks Danny and Drew!

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Juego Bonito.

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this video/series might lead me to buying a football game. I really got into futbol this world cup

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A HUNDRED PERCENT. In all honesty, something like Jason or Jeff teaching someone street fighter or maybe even Brad teaching Jeff Dota would make for a great series. Everyone on the team taking a genre that they love and then teaching someone else how to play and appreciate it would be really cool, and allow for a lot of possibilities (Patrick teaching Jeff Yoshi's Island........).

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I really wish Danny was a full time GBer, he's amazing.

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Great stuff, Danny's appearances appreciated as always, especially controlling my beloved Argentina! Woo, Finals baby.


@olliedinho: I really hope that means he's going to tell about it eventually cause it's kind of starting to get on my nerves

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Great feature! I'd love to see more videos like this in the future, and anytime Danny's on GB is a good one!

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Considering Danny participates in like 40% of the weekly content at this point anyway, can Giant Bomb just poach him from the other side of the office already? It can't be that hard.

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I think I learned far more about Fifa games in this video than my combined experience at trying to play football games or watching friends play them in the past.

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I would like to see Drew play against Alexis or some sort of tournament.

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You guys don't know football. In Australia we play AFL or Aussie Rules Football, none of that "dead fish" on the ground business.

Give AFL Live 2 a shot.

Thanks Danny and Drew for the larfs!

Also Happy World Cup everyone. Germany, give Argentina a "Das boot" up the arse!

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You guys should play a match every few weeks!

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@tinodz said:

This seems like a great new series where Drew could learn games from all the staff

  • Teach me Dota, Brad
  • Teach me Street Fighter, Jason
  • Teach me (1001 Possibie Games), Jeff
  • Teach me Alpha Protocol, Rorie

@drewbert This

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God finally some "serious" sports game content!!!

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Finally I know what the goal is of what you're trying to do here.

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This video makes soccer look fun! I actually wouldn't mind playing FIFA. Now we need a Pro Evo video.

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@hollitz said:


Danny and Drew are a power couple.

@hollitz: Oh man now I'm imagining a tabloid based on Giant Bomb.

If they are Brangelina, does this make Alexis Jennifer Aniston?

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I actually kind of want to play FIFA now. Dang.

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Hey Danny, you totally can have ties in the NFL!

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As much as I love the Giant Bomb Sports Team approach on sports video games, this is a really neat idea to actually get someone who is into a game and try to explain how it works. Of course it would depend on who's teaching and who's learning, but this is pretty great.

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Fifa is the only modern sports game I've been able to get into and I don't even really like soccer/futbol.

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Really enjoy the stuff with Drew and Danny, keep it coming.

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@smmrbowski: How dare you say that about Alexis!

But yes.

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The banners say "Say no to racism" ? Weird.

When black players (i.e. Italy's Mario Balotelli) get bananas thrown at them, as well as have racist chants from awful, moronic, outwardly racist "fans" in the stands, it is something that really really matters.

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Not watched this yet but I'm pumped for this!

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@dan_citi said:

@spitznock said:

The banners say "Say no to racism" ? Weird.

When black players (i.e. Italy's Mario Balotelli) get bananas thrown at them, as well as have racist chants from awful, moronic, outwardly racist "fans" in the stands, it is something that really really matters.

Now if only we could get the Mexican fans to stop throwing shit at players in azteca, we would be in business. Its the shit like that, that makes 'the beautiful game' look downright ugly to some american pundits.

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Put me down for a "Teach me how to (Mario) Party, Dan" video.

And I actually kinda sorta understand a fraction of soccer strategy now.

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This is probably the best new feature Giant Bomb has had in a while, love it! Should definitely have more teach me segments. Also Danny and Drew are amazing!

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Ahh, finally some real sports games!

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Why does the world's game have to be so boring? I feel being American has made me disadvantaged when it comes to appreciating certain things. I doubt I'll ever like soccer, and I doubt it'll ever take off here.

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This was surprisingly cool

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I signed up specifically to say that this is one of the best features I've seen on this site in a while. I was watching the World Cup and thought, "I'd love to play FIFA but it seemed super complex and difficult from the Quick Look." Sports games always seem to be completely newbie-unfriendly and treat you like you've followed the sport and the series for years. On the other side, "hardcore" gamers tend to ignore these games completely, so it's tough to find a place where you can see the basics. More, please -- maybe for MLB The Show or NBA 2K?

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This is fantastic. The only sports I follow are Basketball and Ice Hockey, but I usually love sports videogames of all kinds. When I bought my Xbox One I nabbed the Day One Edition which came with a free copy of FIFA, haven't been able to understand it very much in the limited time I've played it.

So this video is perfect, then.