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OMG! I was laughing in tears during the Quick Look when the Giant played "golf" with the bear and sent him into orbit with his club. That was genuinely funny. Has anyone slain a giant yet? The closest I have come is a dragon or a mammoth, but not at the same time. :)

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Kinda not feeling it.

Edit: Yeah, really not feeling it. Now then, I had someone to assassinate...

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Remember to watch out for trucks that will run you over...

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It looks decent i rented it today, i might try it out tonight or tomorrow

Posted by Humanity

The part where they say "Bring it home Jack" and you see the New York skyline looked neat from a story perspective. Dunno if the whole game can keep that up when it's essentially a shuffle board of quick races.

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This game lives and dies by its ability to make the races seem truly epic. I seriously doubt their ability to do so, though. THey need to capture the feeling of a constant forward motion--no laps or defined track, which would mean creating a hell of a lot of environments to get a meaningful amount of content.

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San Fran...? Hip....

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Who is sponsoring a 25 million dollar cross country illegal street race?