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 Did Batman just beat down Sam Fisher?

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I am Batman. 
(tee hee)

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So Batman is fighting Third Echelon? 

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So it looks like some enemys will have bat vision as well, interesting.
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I won't follow you on facebook instead I'm gonna visit batmanbatmanbatman.com more often
@SmashingTimes said:

"  Did Batman just beat down Sam Fisher? "
he did apparently
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@SmashingTimes:  Nah, those looked like night vision goggles :P
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@MooseyMcMan: Haha, I got a splinter cell vibe as well. 
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Can't Wait To See The Full Video during the VGA'S!

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So it's batman using Assassin Creed style attacks on Sam Fisher

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That's exactly what I was thinking. Awesome, Batman is fighting third echelon. No, this does look pretty cool though.
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gl hb

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"I was at the airfield Batman, I'm not going out like them!"

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yup, that is a teaser trailer, alright....tells you almost absolutely nothing about the game and leaves more questions than answers to the premise of the story. Personally. if there is no game play, then I don't give a fuck what you put into a trailer for a game. Still....I am excited for the new Batman and certainly am interested in some real footage at some time.

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@SmashingTimes said:
"  Did Batman just beat down Sam Fisher? "
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old but still i gotta beat the first one. ill get it one these days prob after dukenukem forever.

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Who turned off the lights? BATMAN DID.

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@OneAndOnlyBigE said:
" "I was at the airfield Batman, I'm not going out like them!" "
lol, nice.
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" It wouldn't be the first time batman got sam,  http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2009/8/28/ "

I almost fell like this teaser is a nod to that strip.
Callin it now. There will be a guard that says "Who turned out the lights?" as Batman's shadow covers him right before a gliding take down.
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So, who turned off the liiiights?

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So Ubisoft is working on Batman Arkham City in cooperation with Rocksteady?

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ok i have faith in Rocksteady so i hope the third echelon guys arent what the game is all about

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What's actually kinda sad is how referencing Splinter Cell is as dated as those games feel.
Still hyped beyond belief for this game. Hoping for Co-op!

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ooh nice!!

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Stop teasing!

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Cut scene is great!  Can't wait until actual game play footage is revealed.
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anyone else getting an assassins creed vibe off the menus?

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I require new pants.

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Can't wait for Batman Vs Zombies! The 2 most overused things in the past 2 years.

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Batman taking down cops? SWAT? Terrorists?  
SO PUMPED! Glad WB is letting Rocksteady take their time on it.

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And now video game trailers tell people to use Facebook.
What has the world come to?

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I need to see gameplay of this....soon. Very soon.
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Christopher Nolan style Ra's al Ghul henchmen perhaps?

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This teaser made me less interested in the game

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lot of really good games coming next year.  love the batman

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2011 is going to be a spectacular year for games. Unchated 3, infamous 2, Arkham city, LBP2, dragon age 2. that's just the top of my head

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Batman Batman Batman: Wrecking Dudes City.

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Oh god, Batman just killed Sam Fischer.

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@OneAndOnlyBigE said:
" "I was at the airfield Batman, I'm not going out like them!" "