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As soon as the music started I was super interested. Looks kinda cool but I bet it's a very short game, hope I'm wrong. If this is actually a decent length, not 2-3 hours and done, I will seriously consider getting this. If it's as short as I suspect then maybe when it's like 2.99 max. $6.99 if it 6-8 hours.

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do we have a release date?

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Music and style are very nice, but that turn animation and the gameplay looks pretty shallow

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Looks fantastic! Looks like a good next title to pick up on the iPad.

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@kilroyandy said:


I mean what is, really. All games shall now be judged on the following metric.

Is it Windjammers? Yes = 5 stars


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This looks great. Then again I said that about Looksley's Line Up and look where that got me.

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Saw this at Pax East last year, looked pretty neat

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Looks cool. I just got a tablet (iPad Air - not an Apple fan, but all current 10" Android offerings have one caveat or another) and would love to see more tablet game coverage from Giant Bomb. I mean we certainly don't need coverage of "match 3 game of the week," but stuff like Oceanhorn, Republique, Device 6 would be nice to see Quick Looks for.

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Took the Monday Blahs right out of me, nice.

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Interesting. Seems like a very calming type of game.

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Looks nice!

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If I ever need a jam to put me to sleep this games soundtrack will do it.

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For those interested I'm pretty sure the title is a Japanese play on words meaning literally "Heaven Paper".

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An iOS only launch? How... Quaint.

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This makes me miss Paper Mario, since it did a lot of pop-up book stuff. Too bad all the games after the Gamecube one are kinda bad (at least Super Paper Mario still had some pretty clever writing, even if the gameplay sucked).

Man, Thousand-Year Door is so good.