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Posted by theMcNasty

I'll be back.

Posted by killdave

Its the skinny man's version of gears of war ^^

Posted by Cheapoz

Looks good, if the cover system is solid this might be half decent.

Posted by lolwot

I thought all of the enemies would hover at least a few feet over the ground. I'm canceling my pre-order.

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Posted by Aaron_G

I'll wait for a review. 

Posted by Sharpshooter

Well that game just looked so........................ordinary. Ah what am I saying it looked shit plain and simple.

Posted by LiveOrDie1212

u know..it doesn't look that bad, im interested in seeing how it plays.

Posted by DannyJ

I like how the gun fighting is done on the human end, it looks fairly realistic. He doesnt fire full automatic, but instead fires one or two shots at a time and the gun actually looks to have some decent kick.

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Also ripped straight from Gears of War, gritty environments and cover system.

Posted by TheHBK

Why the fuck is most of this, and maybe movie during the day?  In the first movie, reese says that most shit happens during the night because the HKs spot you fast. Getting it.

Posted by zudthespud

If the soundtrack is as good as the trailer suggests it will have a great feel to it. It looks beautiful aswell. Depending on reviews, i'm very interested in this.

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

Dude slides on gravel like wet bathroom floor. So far not sold.

Posted by Nogert

How can one man kill so many terminators? When in the first film, it takes over an hour to finally kill one lol.

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GRIN is behind this title rite??
if so, the game is going be good

Posted by TenStoryMother

Does it look to anyone else like the T-600s walk funny in this video?  I would love a "Quick Look" from this title.

Posted by Mawryk

Even if this is awful, my Terminator loving self is going to have to play this anyways.  Besides, if they just use THE music throughout the game, I'm sure it will cover up any flaws!

Posted by Tordah

I really like how this game looks but as always when it comes to movie-based games I'll remain very skeptical until proven otherwise.

Posted by Lotan

It pretty much looks like they took the same engine from wanted and terminator skinned it.  Wanted was a pretty decent game, so this is probably worth a look.

Posted by Media_Master

I thought terminators moved slow, not janky fast

Posted by RHCPfan24

Stupid trailer name. "Ground enemies", wow. And the animations for the Terminators is a bit janky. Nonetheless, this game is looking pretty good. This may be a good summer movie game.

Posted by Trision

This actually looks really cool.

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles

As I said on the last video footage of this i'm a sucker for anything Terminator related, so crappy or not the unmistakable theme music = insta buy.

Posted by TG_SOLID

Will it really have no reticle? It looks like Wanted only versus all bosses.

Posted by TG_SOLID

Will it really have no reticle? It looks like Wanted only versus all bosses.

Posted by SlantedRoom

dude, it seems like they keep showing the same game play footage in every trailer i've seen.. the game looks decent enough though, it's pretty at least. if they add some more depth to it then they did wanted, it should turn out pretty nice.

Posted by momentarylogic

Fuck McG....

sorry, I just had to do it. I can't stand that man.

Posted by chilipeppersman

not bad. i hope this is better than the wanted game, which wasnt horrible, but just didnt feel all that fleshed out