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Well, at least my brother will be happy to see a new Test Drive.

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If you take a car on a test drive for unlimited time your going to run up the miles which the car dealer won't like.

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Duder 2.0!

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I don't like tests and I don't like driving.. but I do like unlimited!

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Is this busted for anyone else?

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@Insectecutor:  yes, does not seem to be working for me ether.
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The video isn't working! *sad face*

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I keep getting an error on this one. Something about stream not found...... Someone piss on it.

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@THAfara0 said:
" Nice "
@ChristianCastillo said:
" nice "
Both enjoying the busted stream I take it?
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Love the fact that they are returning this to their roots. 

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I'm having problems with the video =(

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Yea, video is busted :(

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Video's not working for me.

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Videos usually aren't borked for this long, wonder what's going on. Either way, I'm excited for this game as long as it's less buggy than the first one.

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Sorry guys, bodega broke it. It's fixed now.

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Looks good! Loving the updated logo.

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Nice to see a little a off-roading.

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Looks like somebody designed this with my picture on their desk :D

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Never played the first but this really has caught my attention!

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Looks good.

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Looks good but I'm sure I'll hate the actual driving in this as well.

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Nice, good to see video fixed.  Game looks interesting for sure, if they can make cars handle good then we'll have an interesting title.  Music choice reminds me of youtube video's with unlicensed audio that got it's audio stream replaced with some classical music.  :)

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I can choose my own table cloth, day one purchase!


Finally a working video!

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I liked the concept of the first one but the graphics didn't meet my standards. It looks like they've improved those in this one so I might check it out.