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woah gurlz

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I haven't watched the video yet but that screencap. Is Nintendo not going a teensy bit too far with the flock of girls delivering a handheld video game machine.
Answer: No!

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Am excited for this video! 
As well as the 3DS on it's way next week! Woo!

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Oh boy, this is r3Diculous.
Edit: Oh wait, no, this is just plain old ridiculous. I feel ashamed.

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Oh CHRIST. What...what's happening? Is this the power of 3D?
I'm a little scared.

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A cult of attractive models appears!

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Love how Jeff is making fun of the whole spectacle.

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damn if thats a bundle I'm in day one!

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Hiding Brad!

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Hello, ladies...
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holy shitballs this is awesome !!

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The creepy raper look on Jeff's face in the still image is priceless.

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@GunnBjorn said:
" Hello, ladies... "
You know what ladies? The big Valbowski is alot like a train...
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Crazy much right?

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I love how Jeff is just waiting for the gorgeous ladies to leave so he can open a handheld :P

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@TheKing: E X T R E M E L Y 
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Jeff Gerstmann's reaction to these events
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They just saw Brad and couldn't stop.

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How much does the women get payed for doing this?

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What an awkward ass situation

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uhhhh ...

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I expect those ladies to deliver mine too.

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I see Nintendo is finally accepting and embracing their cult like following.

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To my knowledge, no other media outlet had a freakin' bar to show those girls.  
Giant Bomb: 1 
World: 0

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So nintendo is really stuck on this whole...leading around chained up women thing...

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I think the main question here is...how does it compare to a pear

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what the fuck

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Holy fuck nintendo knows how to convince reviewers about their products :P

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Can't wait to see quicklooks of the games.

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Alright yeeaaahhh! ( 7^_^)7

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I think with every purchase of a 3DS the girl attached to it should be included.

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The Nintendo 3DS Girls are a very lame marketing ploy, and made that whole "handover" rather awkward. Them being tied to the 3DSs at this stage also seems kind of weird.

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that was painful to watch. the first couple of min. anyways.

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Ladies Man Jeff! 

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(Ladies not included.)

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Holy invasion batman!

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Oh Jeff the Womanizer. 

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Well, I just started watching and this is already super weird.
Is Nintendo a cult or something?

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I think Jeff would have preferred it if Reggie had hand delivered it.

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Don't hurt Brad !! He looks so scared.

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Smash it.

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