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Posted by Parallelogramist

Mafia 2!

Posted by Soap

....Actually looking pretty good!

Posted by Nzwei

Cant wait for this one. I loved the feel of the first Mafia.

Posted by Izaak

Will this have online like GTA4?

Posted by ashbash

I'm not sure about this one.

Posted by Ozzie

eh this looked better last year not so much now, nothing about it is sticking out

Posted by Nate

Wow, the faces look really good - animation a little less good, but still - a whole lot better than GTA 4.

Posted by Druminator

I keep forgetting about this one, it looks so damn good.

Posted by thecleric

Oh god, it looks so good.
Can't wait to hear from the experts who've never played the prequel calling it a GTA clone.

Posted by Johnny5

Im actually way more excited about it after watching that. The earlier press release stuff didnt excite me at all.

Posted by Ben_H
@thecleric said:
" Oh god, it looks so good.  Can't wait to hear from the experts who've never played the prequel calling it a GTA clone. "
The original Mafia (The PC version, not the crappy console port) is far superior to any Grand Theft Auto game from that time  in my opinion.  You could shoot gas tanks and cars would run out of gas, trash the transmission so the car could be shifted into certain gears, smash up the front of the car and then it wouldn't steer correctly, you actually had to pay attention when reloading so you don't waste ammunition.
Posted by Aeterna

Hmm... I don't know.

Posted by PapaLazarou

Should be called Cliche the game

Posted by lolgreg

Ah I can't wait.

Posted by YoungDetective
@thecleric: Just reminding you at the very least Jeff doesn't like the first one, and the others seem to agree. So, not fans.
I liked the first one a bit. I didn't love it.
Posted by ch3burashka

Amazing how real the city looked in the car shots. Looks more interesting than Grandfather 2.

Posted by bybeach

I really liked the first mafia.
Posted by Waffles13

DEPTHS of the uncanny valley.

Posted by Earthborn
@Waffles13 said:
" DEPTHS of the uncanny valley. "
You are my new best friend. Soda?
Posted by joelalfaro

Aw I was going to say the game takes place in uncanney valley but I was beat to it.

Posted by Earthborn
@joelalfaro: Well, you can be my best friend too. I'm not picky.  ;)
Posted by Earthborn
@joelalfaro said:
" Aw I was going to say the game takes place in uncanney valley but I was beat to it. "
And also I'm pretty sure he means how "realistic" and simultaneously horrific the characters look. But maybe that's what you meant and I'm misreading.
Posted by GunnBjorn

I understood that Greg Kasavin is going to work for 2K. 
Is he working on this particular title or doing something else within the company?
Posted by Fiveoutafive

Looks like Goodfellas the Game. Which isn't bad because I love me some Scorsese.

Posted by Colonel_Fury

Looks neat.

Posted by fallen_elite

Just noticed the new PS3 logo at the end of the trailer. Nice.

Posted by Daryl

I think this is going to be a helluva lot more in depth than GTA IV.

Posted by Kohe321

This looks cool

Posted by Hitchenson

Seems pretty good. After the stale taste that was The Godfather 2, I hope this will be a good Mafioso game.

Posted by giyanks22

I forgot about this game...it looks really good. Nice visuals.

Posted by Annev0

I love this thematic and i loved the first game.

Posted by MadeinFinland

That alcohol at the start looked kind of... gooey

Posted by MrKlorox
@Daryl: I hope you're right, but I don't expect this to be the case.
Posted by peerLAN

Epic Mafia game is epic :P Can't wait to play it.

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I don't think that's how you play Baseball.

Posted by GamerGeek360

I want this game now!

Posted by CaptainTightPants

Looks interesting, but no matter how hard i tried to like the first game, To many driving missions and crappy  cars(And yes i know they were going for more realism, but so what). (Except for that part where you get to drive the race car, that was actually fun) 

Posted by theMuse

Pretty excited for this, considering the first Mafia was a pretty rad game.

Posted by RHCPfan24

The game actually looks like it could be pretty good. I was disappointed by the Godfather II so a GOOD Mafia game would be most certainly welcome.

Posted by Media_Master

Looks sharp

Posted by Matoska

I loved the first mafia sooo much. This is just going to be ...wow...:D

Posted by TheLeamenator
... The Godfather 2...