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Posted by Wright

all i want is to be able to hit someone in the head with a golf ball and the crowd becomes shocked. or laughs.

Posted by LiveOrDie1212

no, i would want to hit someone in the head and than hear screams of horror and then sirens.

Posted by snetErz

@Wright. In 09, when you hit someone in the crotch, the nearby crowd would laugh, they also dodged, but it was usually out of sink from when the ball landed.

In general, trying to make the game have a more realistic atmosphere is not going to bother me much. Three times the people around the holes are not going to stop me from dropping 10-15 birdies every round. I like the new weather system however with the dynamic changes. It will probably make for a much more fluid feel.

Posted by cityofdis0

I hate the Wii, but if this game plays right, I could see myself pulling my Wii out of the closet.

Posted by El33tPanda

Partnership with the weather channel?  That's actually interesting

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     To really add authentic atmosphere, they should have conversations spill in from the crowd with people chuckling about how much money they have.

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Larger crowds could be nice, but I'd be much happier if they had them individually animated. In Tiger Woods 09 the people standing around all looked choreographed: when one guy clapped, they all clapped, when one guy moved left, they all moved left. Very unnatural.

The weather system and highlight updates, however,  seem great.

Posted by killdave

Aim for the crowd and kill them for bonus points ????

Posted by Death_Burnout


Though the only thing hear that interests me is the dynamic weather...i only hope dynamic weather is an option in custom games, so that it can stay sunny.

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If  there's a tornado does your golf ball come back and hit you in the eye?

Posted by GamerGeek360

Wow, I think I'll have to get this game.

Posted by DukesT3

As long as they include "Get in the hole!!!" guy, then Im good. 

Posted by Media_Master

Wii feels better I bet

Posted by coonce

dude... i am excited about this game... buying it tonight so i can just chill out !