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i forgot this game existed.

Posted by Mr_Skeleton

This game will never come out.

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ding ding ding ding! :D

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Okay, that was pretty good.

Posted by Kreeztoff

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy past the point where I'd have given a shit.

Posted by KingOfIceland

i forgot this game existed.

Me too, it's kinda weird that they've gone from complete radio silence to "IT'S OUT IN TWO WEEKS AHHHH!"

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Castle Crashers was cool and this looks cool

Posted by lunchtime

I didn't know April 3 is the new date for April Fool's Day.

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I didn't realize those guys were making another game, but I suppose they would be with how much money they made on Castle Crashers. This didn't show much gameplay, though, and I'd rather it came out on PC.

*edit: also, with the bad rap Microsoft gets in their dealings with smaller developers, I'm surprised these guys would be willing to go back to working with them again. Must have gotten a good deal since Castle Crashers did so well.

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Waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy past the point where I'd have given a shit.

Your loss.

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Battleblock has been shown off for so long it feels like the game has been released multiple times already. I have no idea what took them so long or why they showed off the game way before they were ready to release it.

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Trailer was amusing, but yeah, cant be bothered to care anymore.

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How in the hell did this game take them almost five years to make?

Posted by GlitchNDaSystem

This is the first time I heard of this. Trailer is kinda funny. But thanks to Infinite, Luigi's Mansion 2, and XCOM, I have way too much gaming to do to be interested in this...

Posted by MildMolasses

I wonder if having the freedom to take as long as you need is liberating or completely terrifying. I would imagine at some point second-guessing would come into play and just cause an existential crisis amongst the team

Posted by Abendlaender

I forgot what this game actually is...

Posted by MjHealy

It's been nearly five years since Castle Crashers and suddenly, BAM, their new game is out in two weeks. What took them so long? I remember there was coverage of this game at like PAX 09 when this game was called Behemoth Game #3.

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nice! two weeks. been wondering what happened to this game. got tired of checking on it every few months

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Yeah. I kinda forgot about this game. And I... Don't even know if it's any good. Or what it actually is for that matter. And I'm not crazy about Castle Crashers. So... If the reviews are great, I guess I'll check it out...?

Posted by ReCkLeSs_X

That looks fun.

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This was a looooooooong time coming.

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Waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy past the point where I'd have given a shit.

That's wei too many As.

Posted by BeefyGrandmole

Wow it's finally coming out. I still haven't played castle crashers and people say it's pretty cool so i might try pick it up before i play this.

Posted by IAmWanderlust
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Castle Crashers and Alien Homonid HD are still some of my favorite downloadable games so yeah, I'll buy this for sure!

Posted by Razputin

Nice of them to aknowledge the long development cycle. I hope they bring it to PC/PS3 pretty quick!

Edited by Cybexx

Good for them for making a trailer this self aware.

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Posted by mnzy

I really liked this. Hope the game is good.

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First Skulls of the Shogan and now this.

Is 2013 now officially the year of "Heavily Delayed Xbox Live Arcade Games that for Some Reason Took Like Five Years to Be Made but Don't Look Like They Did at All"?

Posted by mrcraggle

Sounds like Stamper.

Edited by edeo

After waiting years for this game, I find out that it's Xbox-only.

Ugh, fuck that.

Posted by composite

Release this for Steam you buggers!

Posted by Seb

It's been SO long since Castle Crashers came out. Alien Hominid HD is still one of my favourite XBLA games ever so I'll buy anything The Behemoth makes.

Posted by Donoram

@mnzy said:

I really liked this. Hope the game is good.

I've played it three years in a row at PAX Prime and just finished the Beta a week or so ago. Trust me, this shit is good.

Posted by joshthebear

A solid trailer, but I have pretty much lost all interest in it.

Posted by golguin

I had been keeping an eye on the game and I hadn't thought about it in a while, but that was seriously funny. I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. I really enjoyed Castle Crashers and while I don't think this is the same kind of game, it seems pretty damn funny.

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Hopefully this is more like Fez and less like Colonial Marines!



Posted by drowsap

OO god now whats Indy games are going to be at pax 2014 now lol

Posted by dancingpolkabear

Wow it's finally coming out. I still haven't played castle crashers and people say it's pretty cool so i might try pick it up before i play this.

If you do, make sure to have a friend or two with you. I've had so much fun in co-op

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Posted by BlatantNinja23

Man, I did totally forget this was a thing. Also this trailer was pretty great.

Posted by teh_destroyer

The artwork reminds me of Little Inferno, I am on board.

Posted by MeatSim

I totally forgot about this and the existence of The Behemoth.

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Posted by manateecannon

Only XBL, huh? That's a shame.

Posted by Xeirus

That trailer was 10x greater than it had any right to be...

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