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What? No it's not. IX is the best.

Posted by fisk0

It was released today, was there really no announcement beforehand? FFVII was mentioned for months before it got it's PC release.

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This is absolutely awesome. I wish they would have properly fixed some of the models and rendered the FMV stuff again in HD to make it at least look presentable.

Like VII, this looks like a straight up dump of the PC image to Steam.

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Well VII is the best.. but great news!

Posted by suikoden352

i believe you mean final fantasy 9, patrick. just 1 off. it's ok though.

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i believe you mean final fantasy 9, patrick. just 1 off. it's ok though.


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Final Fantasy Tactics!? Yeah, that would be great on Steam.

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I like 8 a lot, but it's also weird in a lot of ways.

Posted by Snweater

I came out of retirement just to say 'Nope', every other Final Fantasy game on the PS1 is better than VIII.

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It was certainly the installment that I spent the most time playing. Did I like it as much as 7 and 9? I think so? It was grindy as hell.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

8 has always been the best

Posted by jonasc

Man, I love FFT. Recently picked up a vita and I've been replaying it there - perfect system for it, since FFT works best in a pick-up-and-play fashion for me now that I don't have endless summer days to spend on it....

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VIII the best? Naw, Patrick. Naw. You're just askin' for some trouble.

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@theterriblefamiliar said:

It was certainly the installment that I spent the most time playing. Did I like it as much as 7 and 9? I think so? It was grindy as hell.

Which is sort of funny, because while you didn't have to level-grind at all anymore, you instead had to grind for magic draws.

Posted by Superkenon

Patrick's wrong, but I love that he went there.

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Can't wait to break this game in the first hour again.

Posted by Thuggish

ewe ... VIII ? XI was way better.

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I'm not gonna front, VIII was pretty tight, but how is this a thing? It was already on PC, I played it on PC back in the day.

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Hehe love the headline. Got some nerds up in arms over it.

I didn't mind 8. Was okay, 7 is overrated, loved 9. Favorite is 6.

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Patrick serving up the cold hard truth.

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I'm not gonna front, VIII was pretty tight back in the day, but how is this a thing? It was already on PC, I played it on PC back in the day.

But now it's on Steam! With Steam Achievements!

Posted by Gnorbooth

Outside of how much I've come to hate the Draw system over the years, GOD DAMN I LOVE VIII. Klepek here to represent. Real talk.

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FFVIII was good but... the best of PS1? Can't say I agree.

It's been about 10 years since I played it, but I remember the battle system being totally broken. The draw system was not fun, you needed to sit in battles and use draw over and over to build up spells/moves. I remember not doing this for most of the game, then hitting a brick wall and needing to go around the whole map drawing from enemies. Not fun. The summons were also pretty overpowered if I recall.

Maybe you're just baiting for comments though, if so... you got me. I did like the world/character design though.

Posted by cfilipec

I know it =)

and also hope it comes to PS4

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Great soundtrack, remember really liking the romance between Squall and Rinoa, Seifer was a loveable prick... I otherwise vastly preferred IX.

Posted by WMoyer83

The easiest Final Fantasy on the Ps1 with its broken junction system

Posted by patrickklepek

The fact that you can break FF8 is why it's the best. DEATH DEATH DEATH.

Posted by Morningstar

The second best Final Fantasy coming to steam, good news.

Posted by McDunkin

This was the worst FF and I literally stopped playing in disgust at the end of the third disc.

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I played a fair bit of IX recently. Seems like that one would be hard to beat.

But then again, this game seems fairly divisive, which means that I should play it. Don't think I'll play the PC version, though, these games seem to work well on handhelds.

Is breaking it in the first hour insanely obvious or do you have to have a good understanding of the game's mechanics first?

Posted by Alucitary

@patrickklepek: Why would you summon this shit storm!? You might as well have doubled down and called it a roguelike. lol

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Hope they fix the busted PC Graphics and don't need to patch in decent music.

Posted by Darji

@patrickklepek: finally something I can agree with. FFVIII and FFX are the best FF ever made.

Posted by jimmyfenix

Classic Scoops!

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Came for IX. Left because of VIII.

Posted by Chris2KLee

Uhh, that spell draw system was kinda ass.

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I'm with you on Majora's Mask and Yoshi's Island Scoops. I can't follow you down the FFVIII rabbit hole of magic draws and junctions. Chocobo Hot and Cold for life.

ETA: My new favorite thing is that spellcheck tries to turn "Chocobo" into Chocoholic.

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You know it, I know it, and we know it, that Patrick's trolling.

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@patrickklepek That's not Tactics bro.

No one in his right mind would compare this to Tactics, I think he just meant the main series.

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I liked 8...