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Posted by tepidmule


Posted by GS_Dan

Yay! Was hoping this would be archived!

Thanks guys :D

Posted by BanGy

Fantastic, I'm 20 minutes away from finishing the premium stream and now this ones up... Not so fantastic, I have work tomorrow.

Posted by MonkeysDad

The road to "The Headshot Heard Around The World" begins. #TEAMBRAD

Posted by bunkerbuster05

Had to work all day. so I missed this. Thanks for the upload guys!

Posted by Fattony12000

Man, it's big, AND LIVE?

Posted by Stealthmaster86

I had to miss this, but I MUST ask; Did they play Cards Against Humanity?

Posted by bushlemon


Posted by Mars_Cleric

It'll be great to catch up since I missed it.


Posted by JStaunton

awesome :D

Posted by Lurkero

That explosion needs to be used much more often in Giantbomb videos

Posted by CharlieJz


Posted by UricTheOddball

@Stealthmaster86: Sadly, no.

Posted by ThePantheon

THANK YOU!!!!!! LOVE YOU GB!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Soccer5537

Damn, I'm sad i missed out on those limited edition shirts...

Posted by big_jon

This is pretty damn good, but I would like to know what Jeff's shirt looked like.

Posted by sonicrift

Ads? What the fuck am I paying for!?

Posted by Hector

I missed the majority of it. Now I get to see it! Good thing it was archived.

Edited by jakob187

Only five minutes in and I'm laughing my ass off!


Also, that shirt was "Pink-Ass Pink". Too good.

Posted by LarryDavis

I didn't know the CHINA DON'T CARE shirt was one day only. BALLS.

Posted by Paindamnation

Audio synchhh

Posted by Quipido

It's great that these are archived. It sucks balls that they have audio sync issues so often.

Posted by clovy

Now I'm curious as to what jeff's shirt said

Posted by Parsnip

Too bad about the audio sync.

Posted by Sessh
It said "Fuck Ryan Davis".
Posted by legendlexicon

Amon Tobin? Much more respect for John Drake.

Posted by barloc999

Horror games with Patrick is brilliant. That needs to stay!

Posted by Jimbo7676

I missed most of the show due to work but hey at least now I can skip through all the Comicvine parts.

Posted by DeadDorf

PS All Stars looks utterly boring.

Edited by Xealot42

Thanks for getting these archives up so quick!

Also, holy crap at those desktop icons Patrick! I still need to play Amnesia but I'm a big chicken.

Posted by m2cks

Now to browse eBay for those limited edition China Don't Care shirts- watch 'em be a few hundred big ones.

Posted by LucidDreams117

Yes! Yes! Y-E-S! Thanks for the upload guys! :)

Posted by Eeptog

Ugh...Patrick is not entertaining at all. It's hard to believe they gave him this much air time.

Posted by Paindamnation

Not really a live show without Will Smith Norman Chan crazyness

Edited by Fattony12000

@Paindamnation: @Quipido: @Parsnip:

I'm working on an audio sync fix for this (and all further videos if need be, the sync seems bad in parts on the second video as well), does everyone else agree with me that there is de-sync at the very start of Patrick's segment which ends as soon as he throws it back to Ryan?


I'm done with the first part, encoding it now! I still plan to get the preshow plug.dj party + chat room up as well, but it was A MASSIVE BITCH getting all the right videos, now I've overcome that hurdle I've got a lot of key-framing and cropping and positioning to do! For this re-encoding job I did my best to lip sync from 400% zoomed in video, trying to find sections where there was enough light to see Patrick's face was tricky too!

Here is the playlist from the the preshow party! These are the tracks that I've got to work with, to edit back into the original footage that I captured.


It's done!

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

I'll have to say this was the best live show yet. Thouroughly enjoyable and just like last time it was so fun to switch between streams and have the whole experience be slightly interactive instead of just sitting there passively for hours.

Genuinely great segments the whole time, favorites probably being Dance Central (because watching people play music/rhythm games is always excellent) and the utterly unexpected bow shooting!

Well and Brad's huge moment at the very end of course. I haven't been so pumped while watching someone compete for a good long while.

Posted by lovett01

Does anybody know what Dave is using to be able to choose what size the window is when clicking the maximize button?

Posted by murisan

The website stuff looks really great.

Posted by NickL

@Jimbo7676 said:

I missed most of the show due to work but hey at least now I can skip through all the Comicvine parts.

If I remember right there were only 3 comicvine segments throughout the show and 2 of them were a trivia type thing, which was pretty fun to watch I thought. The interview with the artist is definitely skippable though.

Posted by Talon64

"You know what CBS stands for? Fuck Ryan Davis."

This has to become a T-shirt.

Posted by cabrit_sans_cor

Man, anyone else remember The Grid? That game WAS awesome...

Posted by Slay3r1583

"Spookin' with Patrick"

I liked it better when it was called Fear Gauntlet.

Posted by Evil_Bunny_Hat

@Slay3r1583: fear gauntlet was the one of the best things giant bomb ever did

Posted by MrKlorox
@Fattony12000: Thanks man!
Edited by darkest4

I liked the start of the horror game segment but was disappointed when he ditched the obscure games and went to Amnesia, looking for the water scene. Watching people play Amnesia is played out and I was more interested in those more obscure games. The first one actually looked pretty interesting, creepy atmosphere and damn that jump scare.

Edited by MeatSim

Spookin' with Patrick will be a good new feature and bring back more Scrub League.

Posted by artofwar420

Loving the new Segment with Patrick.

Edited by Rumpleforeskin

Thanks for putting this up for free for those of us that can't/won't drop cash for access to a website. Appreciate ya!

Posted by Romination

@artofwar420 said:

Loving the new Segment with Patrick.

Yeah, if it's something they kept up it could be really cool. Like the Fear Gauntlet, but with Patrick.

Posted by KlUMZeE

God I love GB

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