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fantastic! can't wait to watch

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Seriously guys you couldn't tweak the audio a bit to keep it in sync?

Is saying how awesome the transition is sorta like talking about how shitty the.... fuck, what's the word for a podcast transition?

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Will the Breaking Brad section be uploaded at some point?

edit: looks like it's up now

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Modern day Robin Hood!

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2012. Year of the Bo. I mean Bow.

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occupational health and safety is probably all up in drews shit right now.

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@what time is the drew-bo? Missed that bit. Scanning the video has been un-fruitful. Fruitless, even.

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@Splodge: Drewbin Hood starts at 1:46:57

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@Erunamo said:

@Splodge: Drewbin Hood starts at 1:46:57

Cheers duder!

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Drew showing us, just how prepared he is for the post-apocalypse.

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SPOILERS : Tango dies at the end of the show. Tango is down.

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Jurassic Park was the best part of this show. I cannot wait to see more of that nonsense

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Those spitters weigh up to 1500 lbs?? Dense little dudes

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Sweet, now I can watch what I missed while doing work at work. Thanks Drew!

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Actually gotten somewhat pumped for Torchlight 2 after watching some video of it lately, this one included. Looking forward to Thursday to give it a whirl.

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Really enjoyed the Torchlight 2 segment.

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Favorite part is Drew doing some archery in the office. Amazing stuff guys.

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Increasing reasons for Drew Scanlon to be on the FBI watchlist: Goes to North Korea, spend a suspicious amount of time playing flight sims, professional recurve bow master who can hit bullseye EVERY TIME across an ENTIRE office.

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Q: What is the difference between this (Torchlight 2) and Diablo III?

A: $40.

Awesome. xD

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Mad disrespect towards Joey, Ryan where are your manners!

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Just sold me a copy of Torchlight 2

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That StarCraft match was a real shitshow. Someone die already!

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bo' bo' bo' bo'

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It needs to get realer! Drew shooting an apple off of cool baby's head.

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uhh starcraft segment, incredibly bad...Minus the Jeff and Ryan commentary.

Maybe I just hate starcraft.

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audio appears to be out of sync

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1:18 Ryan has a boo boo on his leg :(

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Is there anything Drew CAN'T do?

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I NEED that bow segment music, guys.

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At 1:42:45 Dave mutes his computer because of a loud video. On the premium stream for the rest of the show they couldn't figure out why there was no sound for the Skype calls.

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Bakker is a real paleontologist. The and the basis for one of the characters in the lost world.

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@ZeekDaGeek said:

At 1:42:45 Dave mutes his computer because of a loud video. On the premium stream for the rest of the show they couldn't figure out why there was no sound for the Skype calls.

Mystery solved!

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Loved the archery segment with Drew. I took Target Archery as one of my PE classes in college and really enjoyed it.

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That StarCraft 2 match is still grueling to watch. Jurassic Park and Torchlight 2 was a good turnaround.

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@TehJedicake: Fuckin' awesome, thanks man!

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Wow that SC2 game took way too long.

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@TehJedicake said:

@Sabata said:

I NEED that bow segment music, guys.

You're welcome.

Greatest. "If you like Pimp My Bass you might also like..."

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Were John Drake and Eric Pope saying "Cena sucks" at the end?

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@The_Ruiner: Yea, this kinda bugged me and made me feel a little bit embarrassed for them. Obviously, Mr Klepek is far more a Jurassic Park fan than a Dinosaur fan.

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@Generiko: Jeter, as in Derek Jeter of the Yankees.

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Joey helping fix norm's mike is super heart warming. even though he didn't work with them anymore he just fell right back into place to help.

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@Terrents: actually joey works for tested so he does still work for norm