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So much LIVE show! #teambrad

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#teambrad NEVER FORGET

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Can finally watch the creation of #TEAMBRAD!

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This image really shows the full glory of the moment. Still brings a tear to my eye. #TEAMBRAD

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Also: #TeamKaren !

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I never felt so happy for some guy I never met to get an achievment in a game

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I had to got to work before that glorious moment, so I'm glad to catch it now.

Go #TeamBrad!

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An amazing moment in the history of the internet.

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#teambathroomguy Also, those who stayed in the chatroom, all the way to the end, are the true heroes!

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I was asleep and instinctively woke up right as he did it! No one breaks Brad... NO ONE!

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That moment was just amazing to experience live.

Go #TeamBrad !

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Goddamnit. I missed this.

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Finally caught the end. That was beautiful! #teambrad

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FACT: I was on #TeamBrad so hard, that I had actually got a nosebleed right at the end.

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I wasn't able to watch live but I was with #TEAMBRAD at heart. I will follow Brad to ends of the Earth as he conquers all of the games that try to break him.

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@Ithmoliar: Same. I woke up so happy.

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That was literally the best possible way that could have ended.

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Oh, nice! I didn't miss TOO much of the BLLSL! Just the last segment.

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Where's my #teambrad shirt already.

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This moment will go down in the annals of history.

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Things aren't supposed to be this epic.

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Audio out of sync for anyone/everyone else?

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I will never forget where I was: sitting on my sofa, drinking a glass of Knob Creek and yelling "SHOOOOOOOT HIM!!!" while my wife was tweeting encouraging #teambrad messages. I love this webiste.

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And it was that moment that Pulling a Brad became a badge of honor.

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Now back to doom! :)

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@Lightningproof said:

Audio out of sync for anyone/everyone else?

Yeah, audio is in front of video by just a little bit (0.25sec maybe) but very noticeable and distracting.

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I remember trying to do it after the first Breaking Brad about it. I got to the VIP with like 1 second left but didn't realize that the showdown was on a new timer and took a bad quick shot which killed the hostage. I was pissed when I realized I actually had plenty of time to get a good shot off.

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I think someone pointed this out in the forums that night, but it's pretty impressive that Brad had the wherewithal to slow down, concentrate and get that last dude with a headshot with EVERYONE going crazy around him. #TEAMBRAD is clearly a team for heroes.

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Well done Brad. Well done.

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@Shinmaru007 said:

#TEAMBRAD is clearly a team for heroes.

Not necessarily for heroes, but certainly led by one.

I'm no hero. I was so scared he would never end up doing it that I had to stop watching :(

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This is the single greatest moment in the history of mankind. #Teambrad

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@ProfessorEss: I knew he had it in him. I stuck with it till the end and about flipped my desk when he got it!

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I look forward to next year's lantern run.

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Glad I could miss out on a night of partying in order to become witness to the single greatest moment in human history.

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I don't think they can top this BLLSL. This was just too amazing. #teambradforlife

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#TEAMBRAD must be a shirt in the vein of CHINA DON'T CARE and FUCK RYAN DAVS.

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It's tempting to try that cod 4 mission on my ps3.

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@GaspoweR: It's going to be. They talked about having to figure out what the design will be in this week's I Love Mondays.

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I'm so pissed because I left for work a half hour before Brad finally did it.

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As someone with the achievement. Welcome to the club. It took a while but we, or at least I, welcome you with open arms.

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I have finished mission in the past on the PC and I have to say it was one of the best and worst 3 hours I've ever spent.

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I was there, man. I was there.

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One of the best moments i've ever seen live on the internet. Proud member of #TeamBrad over here.