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How quickly a run turns. It seems to happen in slow motion compared to Spelunky, but Isaac just as much can have the game suddenly decide to kill you, and then you die if you don't make the right decisions.

Staying in that room too long, then leaving behind your speed boost in the secret room, and that was all she wrote. No more health, no more speed to dodge. Evil cat always wins. One more step closer to bonus levels being unlocked though, which I thought was going to be impossible when he first picked up the cat!

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Spirit of the night with a souped up Super Meat Boy is *exactly* what you'd want, as a spirit you can hide inside rocks with your flight ability and never get hit while letting SMB do all the work for you. As a bonus you can shoot from inside the rock due to your spectral tears.

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Patrick dying a million times on that one room where he couldn't outrun the flying bomb eyeball leeches was pretty great to watch.

Was a pretty good run overall! Quite a comeback.

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Shame Patrick's luck ran out in Sheol, but at least Mom's Heart died once more, which is getting him closer to permanently unlocking Sheol and eventually Heaven.

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That run was intense, haha.

For the record, that was the wafer, not the water.

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I can't wait until Patrick discovers the greatness that is Guppy!

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Man, this was the run of throws.

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The 9 lives pickup actually isn't that bad, especially when you get it early in a run. You usually lose about the same number of hearts as a deal with the devil, and then you just play like you normally would. Worrying about how many hearts you'll have after you die is putting the cart before the horse.

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I am going to have to watch this. Sounds like there is some more depth. I am actually pretty fascinated w/the game, and it is not the ugliest stuff I have ever seen. And there are reasons.......If there are not then I avoid it.

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So, I didn't hear Patrick mention if someone said what "Guppy state" was, so here it is!

There's 4* Guppy items in the game, all themed around Isaac's dead cat Guppy: Dead Cat, Guppy's Paw, Guppy's Head, and Guppy's Tail. If you can collect any 3 of them in the same run, you become Guppy! Isaac turns into a cat, and you get flying (which allows you to fly over pits, spikes, rocks, and any ground stuff enemies leave behind, like damaging blood trails or vomit) and the effect of an item called The Mulligan, which spawns blue fly helpers when you or your "familiars" (the items that orbit and/or follow you, like Pretty Fly, Cube of Meat, or Harlequin Baby) shoot enemies. Also, note that you don't need to have all 3 items at the same time; both Guppy's Head and Guppy's Paw are space-bar items, all you have to do is pick them up to get them to count toward the transformation and you can then replace them whenever you want. All in all, it's really powerful but getting it can be very luck-based and, in the case of Dead Cat and Guppy's Paw, very dangerous.

*The first time you transform into Guppy, you unlock the 5th Guppy item, Guppy's Hair Ball. This makes it easier to transform into Guppy in future runs.

P.S. The purple slot machines are great, and not worth immediately blowing up, as they drop soul hearts and a good space-bar item called the Crystal Ball.

P.P.S. #MeatBrothers4Life

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patrick has got to be so close to unlocking it lives now.

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@neonbear said:

patrick has got to be so close to unlocking it lives now.

Yeah, I think he needs to beat Mom's Heart 3 more times.

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although patrick often says the wrong things as fact. and he has a good amount of luck in his playthoughs. you cant really deny that hes skill in this game has gone up immensely since the first one.
and i enjoy watching it so much. and i found out that we have really different hate for different enemies/bosses.
some that he really hate. i find extremely easy and the other way around

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That was brutal to watch. I think Pat took a dive. Awwwkward. Guess 'e got bored.

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Why is a picture of John 00 Fleming's album "Nine Lives" on Giantbomb? It is kind of freaking me out.

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My favorite run so far. This sort of thing is the reason i like this game so much. :)