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Posted by phrosnite

"to you death"? lol wut?

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Posted by djaoni

Bodega cannot into English?

Posted by emkeighcameron

YOUR death

Posted by NaDannMaGoGo

So amazing @_@

Note, this is not the full Cinematic. Some parts have been cut out to avoid story spoilers (Chris Metzen said so before they showed it).

Posted by enemymouse

I'd like to browse you seasonal wares.

Posted by MariachiMacabre

FUCK this looks fantastic. Goddammit, Blizzard we've waited long enough. RELEASE IT TOMORROW.

Posted by Scorch

Jennifer Hale is in every single game.

Posted by Besetment

Release date? Release date? Hey that might be Cain's niece. Release date? That guy looks like Mannoroth. Release date? The trailer is over. . .release date?


Posted by Lydian_Sel

Diablo 3 is now officially on my list of reason why I need a new computer. Damn Blizzard.

Posted by Ragnarok512

Blizzard's cinematic team is simply amazing.

Posted by avidwriter

So wait, he's the main bad guy I guess until the end when Diablo makes an appearance?

Posted by smiddy

"Yo bitch, like my nipple rings?"

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For those not up to speed: Azmodan was kind of a big deal in The Burning Hells, but not as big of a deal as the three prime evils (Diablo, Mephisto and Baal). With those guys out of the picture, Azodan is looking to get hold of the mysterious new 'Black Soulstone' in order to become, himself, a Prime Evil. So it's likely this guy is THE BOSS AND MAIN PLOT of Diablo 3. Which makes this trailer exciting as hell.

Posted by Vortextk

It's unfortunate this CG is so awesome. The game will be, but not in this way. It reminds me of the dead island trailer.

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Bugagaga nice vid description!

Posted by Enigma777

 Can a get a direct tap of this into my bloodstream please! 

Posted by Mercanis

So Sauron is sending out his ork minions to retrieve the One Ring, the key to his ascent to power. Got it.

Posted by masterpaperlink

These trailers are so unsatisfying, I want movies

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Posted by internal_dialogue

Excited as hell...omw Blizzard, how can one company have so much awesome.

Posted by raiz265

holy fuck this looks so good

might be some of the best cgi ive seen so far

Posted by Arkasai

I'd buy a bluray full of all Blizzard's cutscenes in HD, it'd be glorious. Blizzard has always been at the forefront with these cinematics, they capture the tone and atmosphere of their games so well, especially the scenes from Diablo 2. I remember them being way ahead of their time, unafraid of depicting serious violence and employing great voice talent.

Posted by WinterSnowblind

@avidwriter said:

So wait, he's the main bad guy I guess until the end when Diablo makes an appearance?

That doesn't seem like something Blizzard would do. If Diablo returns, I'd guess it wouldn't be until one of the expansions. They'll fully focus on this guy first.

Posted by SpiralEye

That trailer looks better than Final Fantasy cgi! The subject matter is much more interesting as well..

Posted by OroJackson

Wasn't Azmodan on the same level as Andariel, and Duriel?

Seems kind of meh as a final boss, seeing as the hero in Diablo II wiped the floor with his equals

Posted by Undeadpool

"Azmodan Shall Reign" sounds like an 90s death metal band's debut album.

Posted by Fattony12000

Oh Shit.

Posted by ypfox

Damn, been awhile since a trailer actually made my jaw drop. *wipes up drool*

Posted by StealthRaptor

Thanks for the exposition, demon.

Posted by Otzlowe

That trailer got way less interesting when it got to the generic army of darkness marching across a barren landscape. I'm actually kinda' disappointed.

Posted by IshimuraD

Damn nipple rings huh?

So the 3 Prime Evils are dead and 2 lesser evils Andariel and Duriel are dead. If this confirms Azmodan is going to play central role in the game, will we see Belial, the 4th lesser evil? Who else is expecting Diablo to be resurrected by the end of the game?

Edited by G24S

He was like; dude, I don't wanna be a boss like Andariel and be slain on the first act. It's my time now...

Posted by MrMazz

this is gonna be some good shit

Posted by benderunit22

Wtf, this needs to be way more colorful, is a little double rainbow in the background really asking too much?

Posted by siaynoq

Blizzard: Must....keep...hype...going....

Edited by Pelvis_Wresley

awsome Fracking video.. Gotta say.. Those eye-modeling/animation they did.. state of the art

Posted by Moztacular

That evil demon who wants to become THE PRIME EVIL totally has a nipple ring...

Posted by TheKbob

And I just pre-ordered the collector's edition.

Rock. On.

Posted by Hector

Can't wait for this!

Posted by Mumrik

Fuck yes Blizzard! That's right! Screw in-engine cutscenes. THIS is what we want from you. More, MORE!

This is pulling me back towards maybe buying the game...

Posted by Mumrik

@Lydian_Sel said:

Diablo 3 is now officially on my list of reason why I need a new computer. Damn Blizzard.

Let's get real here though. It's Blizzard. Their games are usually 3-5 years behind the tech curve when they come out and are designed to run on almost anything. I doubt you'll need a new machine unless it is as old as Deckard Cain himself.

Edited by JackSukeru

This makes me realize that I know nothing about the story in the Diablo universe.

Posted by Nocall

Calling it now--black soulstone makes Azy-guy super powerful and starts ripping apart reality. Tyreal tells you that balance is needed, so you have to restore Diablo as a prime evil in order to take him down.

Posted by briansanderson

Oh the wait :)

Posted by spiralsin

Dear Blizzard,

Posted by oldschool2112

Diablo has a story?

Posted by Tordah

Hell yes!

Posted by TheHT

Seeing this makes me want a serious Cthulu-mythos game with some seriously fucked up shit. Shit that would REALLY make someone drop to their knees and weep, not just some normal looking demons.
That said, the intro to Diablo 2 was some pretty fucked up shit. In fact, it's exactly the type of shit that makes me want to play through all released Diablo games to get caught up.

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