Posted by 2HeadedNinja

continues to look cool ... I'm sold.

Posted by sixpin

As of last year I did not expect to be as hyped for this game as I am now. Nice to see a dev team flip your expectations.

Posted by Morningstar

Can't wait for this. Who knew this would look so promising.

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Looks like that monolith is back from the original FPS incarnation. I'm liking what they're showing with The Bureau, but still wouldn't mind seeing a Sci-Fi Horror FPS game in the XCOM universe if it was done right. I thought the old trailers for the FPS with those "body snatcher" symbiotes were kinda creepy in a good way.

Posted by Deathstriker

You can actually shoot in this game right? I thought you could bounce between gunplay and the power/character wheel like in Mass Effect. However, them not showing the character shooting in 3rd person makes it look like you either can't do it, or it's not very good, so they don't want to show it off.

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See aliens like standing next to red barrels just like humans. Turns out were not so different after all.

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Hey is that the monolith thing? Awesome I'm glad that stuff isn't completely gone. I'm really getting excited for this so glad it's turning out as good looking as it is.

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@deathstriker: There's a billion other trailers and gameplay footage showing that...say for instance the recent quick look right here on GB.

Posted by SlashDance

This boxart is pretty great.

Posted by Parsnip

Exploding barrels confirmed.

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still has a really stupid name...

Posted by Budwyzer

Game looks like shit

Nah, Just kidding! Game looks almost good enough to pass up sex for!

Posted by Robopengy

I thought this looked cooler as an FPS and not ME2 lite. Also why did that alien have nipples?

Posted by dr_mantas

I don't think the tactical view slows down enough. Unless they have completely solid, quick and intuitive controls for the tactical view - that also work for mouse and keyboard.

Posted by thebearking

this went from flying under my radar to being well and truly on it. love me some strategic battlefield control mixed in with my shooting.