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This looks kind of interesting, which I had not expected, I must say.

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Does this all just culminate in a sequel to No One Lives Forever that's just called "#YOLF"?

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What in the everliving fuck

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Gamestop specific commercials continue to be really stupid.

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I hope the game has an option for #YOLO mode

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Please tell me they don't actually scream that in the game...

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There is no way Roosterteeth didn't make this commercial.

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I laughed. I can appreciate this.

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hell yeah xcom #yolo #swag #yoloswag

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Admit it. Funny as hell.

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This is funny and I just don't get it right? I'll take people telling me that "you just don't get it" over YOLO actually being a thing in this game.

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If this shit is actually in the game, I'm out.

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"I never saw Paris"

That was pretty good.

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This was really dumb, but the box art looks amazing, so I guess it's a draw

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I wish this YOLO crap would die already.

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YOLO, this is kind of how my squad feels in X-Com I think..

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YOLO, this is kind of how my squad feels in X-Com I think..

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Oh cool, another Saints Row 4 trailer.

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I enjoyed that a lot more then I thought I would.

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Plot twist: this is actually in the game as an easter egg, you have to rename a character Yolo Swaggins to unlock it.

@alexrudz said:

Does this all just culminate in a sequel to No One Lives Forever that's just called "#YOLF"?

The trailer for that is just 2 minutes of people saying YOLO getting their faces blown off.

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Well that was interesting.

Also fuck you Drake.

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Disgusting. At least I'll save me some money next month.

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I'm going to lie if I said that I didn't laugh the first time dudes ran in to cover shouting "yolo!".

The first time.

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This is almost pointing out how having a main character in this game is a bad thing. You don't have to worry about dying and your team are just expendable soldiers who aren't worth caring about because they don't have a personality.

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What has happening to this reality, 1st watch_dogs, now Declassified. Maybe I turning into a massive old curmudgeon, but should you be fucking around with the theme and tone of your game, before it's even out.

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People are ignoring the fact that this is a Gamestop trailer and their commercials always do stupid shit with the source material.

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I pre-ordered this last week . . . I haven't even played more than like six hours of XCOM: Enemy Unknown. WTF.

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Sorry XCOM bureau all your government funding went to the YOLO bureau this year.

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I can't tell whether or not I hate myself for laughing.

Whatever, game still seems fine.

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I suggest this guy work off a fifth and forget the polite society flask. Least till he gets less ppl. killed. I'd be embarrassed, but knowing my skill I'm not overly critical either. maybe get my teeth cleaned first. Novocaine helps...

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Well thanks to this they just set the bar very high for quality before I even consider buying it.

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I guess, suicide is ok as long as yolo is shouted?

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Well, this certainly managed to undercut the grim tone their marketing has spent months building up for this game.

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Not what I expected... Fantastic