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This... does not look good.

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Is this first time a known hermaphrodite is one of the leading characters in a mainstream game? I can't seem to think of any other instances. Also, I don't quite understand the hermaphobia (is that a word?). I'm quite curious as to how this plays out.

Posted by Scratch
@Crono:  Seriously dude? Geez...
Posted by darkvare

actually according to gamesradar the "girl" on the static image before you push play is a dude

Posted by trophyhunter
@darkvare said:
" actually according to gamesradar the "girl" on the static image before you push play is a dude "
well actually she is a woman possessed by an incubus (a male succubus)  
and since she is possessed by a incubus she grows a wang..........Neir is fucked up
Posted by Crono
@Scratch said:
" @Crono:  Seriously dude? Geez... "
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OOOh look: a sassy female character in lingerie. ORIGINAL!   
(edit): Not that I want to come over all unhelpfully negative or anything, but would it kill Japanese developers to give their female sidekicks actual clothes once in a while?) 

Posted by harinosho

this game looks bad.. story looks like it'll end up the same way all square enix titles end up "saving the world because no one can!"
still buying both games though, i hate myself...

Posted by Shaanyboi

Sweetheart, lingerie isn't exactly the most effective suit of armor... just sayin

Posted by supalink

lol voice acting.

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the skeleton big head  person looks nifty

Posted by Allison

I miss the crossdresser already. :(

Posted by Irish87

I'm waiting for them to put hardcore gangsta rap in one of these J-RPG's.

Posted by buhssuht

i kno people have been saying this looks horrible 
but im gonna wait for at least one review to judge

Posted by FrenchFriedFool
@JamesKond said:
" That female voice actress is Lightning from FF13, right?.. right? "
Pretty sure it is. Sounds identical if not.
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@Shaanyboi said:
" Sweetheart, lingerie isn't exactly the most effective suit of armor... just sayin "
That "Sweetheart" also has a penis (no, seriously)... just sayin.
Also is the VA at the end the same as Vincent from Ergo Proxy?
Posted by NuDimon

Looks interesting tbh.

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@pointzeroeight said:
" You guys do realize that the 'girl' is the hermaphrodite, yes? "
*bla* I just threw up in my mouth a little.
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Is Kaine actually a hermaphrodite? I don't have any problems with her being one but the only articles I remember explicitly saying she was was a Sankaku Complex article that never actually said she was a hermaphrodite in the quote from the person who was involved with the game, it was just the author of the article that added that.
Perhaps someone could give me a link to an actual article with a quote stating that she became a hermaphrodite after being possessed. I would appreciate that.
I am still looking forward to this game. I like the voice actors for the book and Kaine so I'll check it out. If that's a rent or buy, I'm not really sure yet.

Posted by D_W

hrmm can't wait to see some cosplayers try the white haired girl's outfit. haha.
Posted by KABONG78

Looks good.
Posted by Sarumarine

So Lezard Valeth is going to be a buddy in this game? Hope he doesn't stab you in the back at the most inappropriate time!

Posted by RVonE

Boobs. And skeletons.
Posted by North6
@RipTheVeins: Yes it is.
Posted by JackiJinx

Wearing lingerie in public turns you into a skeleton. Heard it here first!

Posted by DeadMonkeys

I could not care less about this game.

Posted by golguin

Is anyone else reminded of the Umineko opening music? It has to be the same band or something. Or perhaps the better question would be if anyone even knows what I'm talking about.

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where do i recognize that male voice actor from?
EDIT:  Just realized it's the same voice actor that did War in Darksiders.

Posted by Blitzer

Another non FF SE game fail. I'll pass.

Posted by Shirogane

Characters seem to have interesting backgrounds and stories to them. That's about it though.
Posted by hai2u

that hermaphrodite is gona turn away alot of sales.

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man..the voice acting

Posted by SatelliteOfLove
@hai2u said:
" that hermaphrodite is gona turn away alot of sales. "
Perhaps you haven't been on the internet long...
Posted by Alphonzo

aaaaaaaaand I still don't know what this is.

Posted by Optimus

This definitely looks...interesting.

Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

So they decided to release another JRPG just after releasing Final Fantasy?   
Is the half naked woman wandering around in the nighty, the main character's daughter?  If so, that would be sooo Japanese.

Posted by AuthenticM

This game looks really awful.

Posted by Neverquick

...What am I watching again?

Posted by BeefWaterfall

Nier please!

Posted by heatDrive88

Wow. Just when I thought that Final Fantasy 13 trailer make JRPG's look ridiculously weird, this one definetely takes the cake.
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@Lucidforest: Why blame Enix? It's not like Enix isn't the only part of Square-Enix making good games or anything. This game will actually probably be pretty decent. Drakengard wasn't a fantastic game but it was not too bad. I expect this one to be very similar. It isn't even made by square-enix. It's made by CAVIA. It's just published by square-enix.
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Wow! that was crap seen better acting in days our lives. 

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What is this

Posted by TwoOneFive

god this wreaks of japanese shittiness. 

Posted by Lucidforest
It's really just my opinion and preference. Back in the day, seeing the name 'Squaresoft' on a game would give me goosebumps. Nowadays I don't even like most of the games they put out. Nier might be good. Tony Hawk's Shred might be good too.
Posted by Beechbone

Wow, do I get it right? Is that busty chick actually a creepy skeleton-thingy? That's just... umm... uhh... I don't know what to say.