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@Piglet said:
" The main character looks WAY different than the Japanese version of this game.  Japanese one looks like a FF main character.   http://img4.sankakustatic.com/wp-content/gallery/safe-misc-ii/nier-ps3-vs-xbox-360.jpg  Apparently in the US PS3 will use the 360 version "
Hah, wow. I don't know which one looks worse.
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I see a contender for worst voice acting of 2010!

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I don't know whats going on... I don't even...

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@Lind_L_Taylor:  No, she's some chick that got possessed by a demon and is a hermaphrodite now, is ashamed of it, and so that's ACTUALLY the reason given for her wearing lingerie all the time. Nevermind that dressed like that it would be pretty hard to hide. Yep, that's Japan for ya.
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This looks really lame :/

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why can i not watch any videos.

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 oh japan you so crazy!
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o wow. square pop out with another low quality title. what a surprise. i mean, the only games they attempt to put any time or effort into are the big 3. dragon quest, final fantasy (main series) and kingdom hearts, and anything else is cooked up in 5 minutes. the biggest problem with this is, the main titles coming from the company lately haven't been anything amazing either. *severely pissed off with the state that the company is in*

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They really need to stop taking their japanese trailers and superimpose the english voice actors for games like these. They're doing themselves a disservice by revealing their terrible VO before the game is released.

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Truly incredible VO work.

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This looks fucking stupid. Chick's hot, though.

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@Napalm said:
" This looks fucking stupid. Chick's hot, though. "
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My God, what happened to square? Are all the titles that I remember so fondly like Xenogears and Parasite Eve just as lame or has the quality of their product dramatically decreased over time? 

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@captainawesomo said:
" My God, what happened to square? Are all the titles that I remember so fondly like Xenogears and Parasite Eve just as lame or has the quality of their product dramatically decreased over time?  "
Bit of column A, a bit of column B.
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Will wait for a preview before taking any greater interest in this game.

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If by "people" you mean "my interest in this game", then yes, you are exactly right.

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No idea what's going on.

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I'll buy this

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Er is it weird that I'm acutely intrigued by this. I mean the story sounds crazy yet with square at the helm I think they will make it make sense. I dunno this just intrigues me. I acutely am really looking forward to this now.

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People in Square Enix need to grow up , once more . Their games and characters are becoming more and more teenager-exclusive .

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The voice work was terrible and the game looks like it's for PS2

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What the hell did I just see!?

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That looks really rough for a game that is just about out.

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Looks so effin weird.

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Nier, far, where ever you are!

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It's a tarp.

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Do people forget that Square-Enix is just publishing this game, and not developing it? Just saying.

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Still no gameplay and all this mysterious BS... yet... strangely intriguing....

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Well, it HAS to be 10x better then FF13...GOD that game is AWFUL!

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I'm not english, but even I find the dub awful...XD
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This will probably have the best ARPG storyline ever tbh. XD
And no the A isn't a typo, and it doesn't stand for Asia either.

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What the hell is that indeed.
I want a time machine to stop myself from watching the trailer.

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Why is she running about in her lingerie/jim-jams? 
At least the music was good.

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'Ndon't let your guard down -,-
Dialogue sounds like something my 14 y/o brother would come up with for a piece of abstract creative writing.

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a lot of great games in april and may. i think there will be definitly no time for nier.
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that girl or whatever is hawt

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@LiK said:

that girl or whatever is hawt

She has a dick.