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A shooter on the Wii?! NEVER!

Posted by DanielJW

Oh god yes.

Posted by darkspirit138
@KommanderCevin said:
" A shooter on the Wii?! NEVER! "
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@darkspirit138 said:
" @KommanderCevin said:
" A shooter on the Wii?! NEVER! "
Maybe... "
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The setting is a little odd but the detail and quality is tons better then any other wii game (besides maybe first party titles) Just a bit worried if this was on any other console it would be "mediocre" at best in terms of gameplay and story. 

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the game may be good, but seeing these trailers for the Wii seems like I'm watching something from 5 years ago...

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...is this how Giantbomb makes revenue?

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@borgmaster: There is that ad for tekken that comes and goes.
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This looks pretty good, for the Wii.

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The big question is whether or not I will want to plug my GC controler in... seriously I'd like to actually USE my wii-mote for something besides Wario.

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This looks more visually impressive than that new Wolfenstein game that's coming out.

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I just heard the word SEGA and stopped listening.

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The fact is; I have a rule about not touching a Wii with a ten foot barge pole.
And this game look's kind of good.

Unfortunately for Nintendo though, they've been catering to the casual crowd for so long that I believe this game will do terrible when they count there profit's 3 month's down the line. Regardless of whether it's a good or bad game.

Too little, too late Nintendo.... FACT!

Posted by GalacticPunt
@darkspirit138 said:
" @KommanderCevin said:
" A shooter on the Wii?! NEVER! "
Maybe... "
"Oh, you know when I was going to come to your Conduit party?"
"um... when were you going to come?"
"...   ...   ... NEV-ER!!"
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@zudthespud said:
" I just heard the word SEGA and stopped listening. "
Good, you only had to watch anyway
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At least it's not a space marine fighting aliens.

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I saw this on TV, it makes for a poor commercial

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@Seedofpower: that couldn't have paid for the last year or so of operation, so do the trailers that get posted bring in ad revenue?
Posted by zityz

I think it looks really good.
I'm starting to agree with Jeff . People don't know what they want out of Nintendo. Half the time they complain about 3rd party titles saying theres not enough. The other half of the time they complain that Only Nintendo should be making games cause 3rd party games are ugly and terrible.

Nintendo caters to the casuals because some of the "core" audience are clueless and never know what they want to begin with. With 360 or ps3 at least more people seam to only care about one thing. Graphics.

Posted by Krakn3Dfx

This game looks like it could be Nintendo's Halo, and I'm willing to bet money it'll sell less than 100k copies.

I'm buying it though, reviews seem very positive so far and I have a lot of friends wanting to jump online for some Conduit MP goodness.

Posted by TheSovereign

Reminds me of Half-Life...

Posted by Doonee63

I think it looks quite bland.

Posted by ashogo

It looks really polished. The trailer was pretty boring though, no story details just a full minute of shooting.

Posted by cityofdis0

Im giving it a chance

Posted by cityofdis0

Im giving it a chance

Posted by LordCraven

The designs for the aliens look really bad and unorginal. It looks like they copyed and pasted them into the enviroment which very much takes all realness away.

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Hoping this is good. It's kinda of on my mental list of games that justify a Wii purchase. It's a REALLY short list.  Maybe I'll con my girlfriend into buying it, she still likes "fun" games. My FPS addiction is lost on her.

Posted by BigBoss1911

YAY videos actually work for me now.Dont ge all the hate,game looks like alot of fun.

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Looks like a must-have !!!

Posted by strangeling

This looks all right to me... I'll just have to get past the cover art to pick it up.

Posted by Gamer_152

I'm not so into the look of this game. I'd rather play Metroid Prime 3.