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You had me at the thumbnail.

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huh. Well that's something

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Consider this game bought!

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They pointed at almost everything wrong with a lot of anime out there. 
NO clue what that has to do with GTA, though.

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Mad props to Rockstar.
All Ballad of Gay Tony ads blow all other game ads out of the water.

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That was a full cup of win! I love Rockstar.

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@SJSchmidt93 said:
" They pointed at almost everything wrong with a lot of anime out there.  NO clue what that has to do with GTA, though. "
its going to be a new TV show within the game! OMG!
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Say wut little buddy?

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Okay.....What was that? 
Well, it was funny, but nothing to do with GTA.
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dude, today's been awesome for hilarious trailers.

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@Thordain said:
" huh. Well that's something "
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I would so watch that show!

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So goddamn awesome, looking forward to watching this in the ballad of gay tony lol

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Whoa...  I bet you could pass that off as a real anime series...  Hopefully there's a full 26 episode season!!!

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would be more interested in that show than more watered down gta
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That is the greatest trailer of all time.

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Normally I'm a big fan of subtlety... but Rockstar is one of my few exceptions. Pure awesomeness.

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Incomprehensible dialogue?
Sign me up.

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I want this god damn game

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frikkkkkin awesome! Someone force rockstar to release this as its own manga!

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That was so amazing............and so true

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so another reason to watch my virtual tv with my virtual character that i am looking at on a real monitor. got it.

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goodbye odst commercials!

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*starts choking on his own tongue*

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lol excellent. Will watch this. Hopefully it will inspire some Japanophiles to deliver some delicious internet rage.

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Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care?

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Rockstar is releasing a lot of trailers to go with this dlc disk.

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it's strangely similar to the radio advert in saints row 2  for bukakke ninja...
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Rockstar are so awesome. nuff said.
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it seems a little too self indulgent

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I hate product placement. Has the recession affected even Rockstar, to the point that that they had to put ads for real shows in their game for the monetary bonus?

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damn they're spending a lot of money on these trailers!

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@marioncobretti: It was mentioned on the radio in gta4  about princess robot bubblegum
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What... the... fuck... 0.o

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Fortunately not all Animé is like that.

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This needs to be a real anime

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@SJSchmidt93 said:
" They pointed at almost everything wrong with a lot of anime out there.  NO clue what that has to do with GTA, though. "
Tv show, hopefully.
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Liked the Robotech background music.

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@HomemadeZiggurat: hopefully a website too.
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Wow... just... wow....

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Man, and people thought  "the girl with erupting champagne bottle" poster was sexual.

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Perfect Hair Forever

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This is... something.
It's definitely something.

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Hahaha the opening DAO video threw me off, I was like, "SINCE WHEN IS GTA IV BALLAD OF GAY TONY ABOUT DRAGONS??? WALLHAX".

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Unique, I'll give you that RockStar.