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5 agi picks?

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That draft.

edit: And now it all makes sense.

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I can't watch the video, but from what I see the Dire team has a hilarious team, plus the bans are absolutely hilarious. Might have to check twitch archive to watch the game, I bet it went really well.

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Blaaaaaaccckkkkk hooooooooooollllle

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They seem to be getting into some pretty lopsided matches in these things. Is the matchmaking really that bad?

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I really dislike the Meepo hate....he is a great pub stomping hero! I love playing him!!

Unfortunately he gets a bad rap from people who cant micro him. :(

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Man, watching this now and them thinking that we knew what we were doing is really funny. But at the moment only one thought was in my mind: "We are fucked." They kicked our asses. I take comfort in the fact, that we managed to get one team-wipe.

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cool game mode

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I also recently started playing Dota 2 and I've probably put over 100 hours into it over the past two months. I actually stopped playing for a while though because 1. The people I was playing with were kind of annoying internet assholes who were kind of passive agressive and 2. I just wish it wasn't such a time such especially when you play shitty games where you don't learn anything cause you're playing with randoms.

Anyway, the point is this mode seems awesome but you kind of need a consistent group :/

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The Daily Dota XVI: Rapier or Bust

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This victory was pure skill and clearly had nothing to do with the other team not knowing what mode they were playing.

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This sounds weird, but I'm always wanting more Daily Dota, even though I myself wouldn't touch the game weven with a ten-foot pole. As with much of the content in Giant Bomb, I don't watch it for the game itself, but for the personalities of the people involved with the content. I love listening to Brad, Kessler, Crispy et al reacting to what happens in the game, talking about life and death and everything in between or simply bantering about the endangered Bodega whales. Brad said in a recent Bombcast (I think it was this week's, even) that most watchers of TDD are well-versed and experienced players of the game... well, not me. At all.

What I'm trying to say is that Daily Dota? Fuck yeah Daily Dota.

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@spitznock: I'm pretty sure this one was a premade game, presumably with some GB community people.

And recently Kessler was playing on a brand new account for at least one of the streams, so because he was on their team they got matched against newer players. Even on Matt's normal account, though, the huge range of skill difference between Brad, Crispy, and the others is almost always going to make matchmaking turn out a little odd.

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@moonwalksa: Ah I see. It's unfortunate, though. Close games are the most interesting, and there haven't been a ton of them on this feature lately.

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Even though you didn't know what mode you were playing, after you picked Lich and he showed up on the other team you should have had an idea of what was up. (When you give them a rematch Brad, play regular Captain's mode so they give themselves the worst team ever.) Also, Carry Lich!

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My God Brad, USE YOUR ULT. Especially if a hero is by themselves - it's basically a guaranteed kill.

Also, please auto attack with luna. It's what she's good for. And her stun has a suuuuuuuuuper low cd so keep an eye on it - you let so many kills get away.

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Glad to see that Brad is still aggressively bad at this game after all this time. Brings a tear to my eye.

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Luna? Scottish?

Come on Brad, you had an Irish guy in the office for a while...

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oh my god i never knew that the "you are now speaking" icon became an angry yelling face if you got too loud, that's so good

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These sound levels are awesome.

Can barely hear anyone but Brad, or hear everyone fine, and have brad blow my speakers.

You will figure it out quickly I'm sure Brad, once you guys have done a couple of these things.

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I haven't watched a ton of these, as I don't really care all that much for DOTA 2. Has Brad said anything about trying League of Legends?

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Ten minutes in and I have no idea what the fuck is going on. This game is for savages.

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is it weird that i'm having Daily Dota withdrawals? Please start this up again!

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@nofzac said:

is it weird that i'm having Daily Dota withdrawals? Please start this up again!

No, same here. Need that big W. Also none of the games after E3 seem to get archived to the site?