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Ey Faceless Void is a NICE GUY, @brad.

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Hey Duders!

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Couldn't watch this one live, I miss chat :(

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Keep the Dota coming, Brad.

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I see that Run the Jewels reference from Reid

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I don't understand how this is fun... It's soooo slow. I tried out lol and it seemed more fun and intuitive.

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I love "The Daily Dota."

No sarcasm, it really is great.

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I don't mind this content in the summer lull, it's interesting to delve deeper into a game like Dota. That said, I hope this feature never cuts into the time allotted to new releases and stuff.

Anyway, don't destroy the nerves in your hands Brad!

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@kenobi: While LoL might be easier to get in to due to the fact that it's way simplified and probably has proper tutorials by now, Dota is the game for the long run. I know it's daunting, but man, it's great when you get in to it.

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I dunno Brad, I was a Faceless Void last night that saved our base from three different attacks with three successful Chronospheres. Also, I did not trap a single teammate all game! :D

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I am LOVING the thumbnail art. That is fantastic!

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Favorite show so far.

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good shows

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From a place beyond time, and time beyond counting.

I love faceless void.

But yeah, you guys had way too much emphasis on the ganking and they had heroes that are hard to gank and good counter initiation to turn ganks around. Also not enough support for the PL to give him a farm advantage. A PL(or any carry) will lose to an equally farmed Void every time. It's especially nasty when the Void has a Magnus to set up perfect chronospheres for him and give him empower.

Against a Void you have to push his towers down early and give him no place to farm. You can't reliably gank him enough to keep him down. He can't stop pushes at all though.

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KEEP UP THE DAILY DOTA @brad! This is awesome paid content that has gotten me into a game I now am addicted to.

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I think Crispy needs to play Faceless Void and scream out his ult

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Am I crazy and is this audio better than before?

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@ridebird: I'll install it again the progress is so punishing. But I think the worst thing about it is you have to pick the "right" characters, instead of picking a character you want to try. That and I play by myself.

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Love Daily Dota!! Keep it up.

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No face, no hats, no victory.

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Where has goofy Crispy gone?

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Oh man, Brad on SB CANT STOP WONT STOP. Still got that kill though.

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Yes. Lets DOTA all the eyes ...

@brad is getting pretty good at DOTA

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@kenobi MOBAs solo are never easy to get into, no matter which you play. Having at least one friend to give you some guidance and support is definitely incredibly beneficial. If you can't find anyone you know to play with, I'd highly recommend joining the Giant Bomb chat channel in game and seeing if anyone's up for a few beginner games - it's a pretty busy channel most of the time and duders are friendly in there.

I've played a lot of both League and Dota, and while League does feel faster initially because of the smaller map and slightly easier last-hitting, I'd say now Dota feels faster to me in the early game - towers are far less damaging so diving for kills early is more possible, and having TP scrolls lets you get across the map far quicker. Plus the fact that you don't have to ever leave your lane thanks to courier and sideshops.

But yes, both are fairly slow builders. If you are interested in a faster-paced MOBA experience, perhaps look into Smite. It's a different experience - it's played from a third-person camera and with direct control on characters - and games usually run about 20-30 mins rather than the 30-50 in LoL and Dota. That said, it's fairly new and so isn't quite as well-balanced, but it's certainly a lot of fun if you get into it.

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@l4wd0g said:

I love "The Daily Dota."

No sarcasm, it really is great.

I love Junes!

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@l4wd0g said:

I love "The Daily Dota."

No sarcasm, it really is great.

I love Junes!

Every daily's great at your Dota!

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This being streamed at 60 fps? In the video? Looks like it, kinda jarring after watching so many crappy youtube 30 fps


I tried getting into Dota 2 without any moba experience. It did not go well. I then got into League thinking I'd learn the moba ropes and then move to Dota 2. Now I'm stuck in League limbo. I'm totally addicted. I own many skins :(

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I loved the "It's not your fault" part with Brad and Kessler at the start.

I got your reference!