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Posted by Bogitt

Yay New Years DOTA

Edited by gaftra

This is where it all starts gettin reeeeal bad. Is there a page for dark middle chapters?

Posted by ShadzKing

Earth Spirit is that douchebag jock from high school

Edited by Askherserenity

@gaftra: THIS is where it starts going bad? I just finished watching the first video and man, let me tell you...

I love watching Brad play <3

Posted by RichyHahn4

I've never touched Dota or any moba really...Id love to try if I had people to play with

Posted by BisonHero

I like when CyborgMatt puts Crispy on blast when Crispy gives bullshit excuses.

Also I miss Kessler.

Edited by croon

Please please Brad, harass the Spectre. Delve deep into the dota, join us.