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It blew me away. Literally... I'm  248 feet away from my screen.

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Skyrim  looks great! I hope Fallout 4 looks this good whenever it comes out.

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Hell yes!

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That's pretty sweet.

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What? No mudcrabs?

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@artofwar420 said:
" I literally almost cried. "
I did a little, and I'm not ashamed. 
Posted by Spiritof

I creamed my jeans after 1m11s.
(that's a new personal record)

Posted by Bumbuliuz

Just amazing stuff and I cant want to get it. I even might get the PC and Xbox 360 version like I did with Oblivion.

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Great Oblivion nearly killed me from lack of sleep and eating and this just looks freaking amazing. Gonna need a new rig it looks like though.
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Yeah, that gave me chills. 

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How great would it be if the pre-order bonus for this was horse armor?

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never played elder scrolls this may be my first time 

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oh yes please ..... I'm in

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Holy crap.

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I came.

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@Agent47: In what way am I being an asshole? I'm not robbing them or anyone else of anything, all I'm doing is giving myself a chance to try to game to see if I actually like it and therefore buy it. If I don't like it I delete the copy because there's no point in playing it anyways. Why are consumers so quick to side with large companies? If I had the ability to try the game anywhere legally first I would, but the fact is unless there isn't a demo I won't be able to try it out anywhere.
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I'll take one, please.

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I really want to love this game, but if they don't fix Oblivion's mistakes, then I'm gonna be a sad panda.

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Was that....were those...diagonal walking animations??
Sweet god jesus fuckyeah

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AHHHHHHHH! Want so bad!

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The best.

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I can't stop watching this, so good.

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Can't wait to play this on my new gaming rig

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Well, I was sitting over there, but this blew me away.

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Animation aside I'm not impressed, but it's an ES game, so who cares? It will be amazing.

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Must buy.

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this is such a fucking badass trailer!!! its EPIC AS FUCK!!! cant wait for this game!!!

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This looks more like Oblivion than I thought it would.

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@Malakhii said:
" Yeah, that gave me chills.  "
Same here, best trailer in years
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Dragon Age 3, T/FPS? I played every elder scroll games, this one isn't going to be the exception for sure...

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Epic! Nice to see an improvement graphics wise, they still need to get themselves some animators though ;) 
@MormonWarrior said:

" The core gameplay and hideous facial models turned me off hardcore to Oblivion. Hopefully they've fixed things. Looks nicer. "
Chances are the core gameplay will stay the same, it's what keeps people coming back to these games.
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This makes me want to do Nord playthroughs of Morrowind and Oblivion!

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Thoroughly enjoyable!  I really want Skyrim and I extra-can't-wait to see how this engine is going to be tuned for other projects (namely Fallout).

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I hope they redo the exp/stat/scaling level system.  Was pretty annoying when stupid things came from it, like enemies scaling off non-combat skills and low-stat level ups.

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This was one of the best gameplay trailers I have ever seen.  There goes another 100+ hours of my life in November; and that's not even including Mass Effect 3 and Uncharted 3.

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Two words.  Creamed pantaloons. 

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Can't stand this old dudes voice, sounds like he has a mouthful of food LOL. Some old French actor who's in alot of Hollywood films. Cool world though! 
Update. Sweedish, the dudes Sweedish.

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Loved Oblivion, this looks like Oblivion. Yay! 
I preferred Oblivion to the two recent Fallout games but for some reason seeing the stilted as hell first and third person walking animations couldn't make me more excited. I just want more of the same I guess, with obvious things fixed or improved; similar to how realising Dragon Age 2 was pretty similar to Origins made me much more excited to play it.

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Friggen love The Elder Scrolls Games.  Played them all.  Cannot wait for this one.  Also EPIC redux of The Elder Scrolls Theme in the trailer. 

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The game looks pretty Obliviony, but holy shit the music brings me back to Morrowind.