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Bethesda sure knows how to make a trailer. 
I hope the game is just as good.

Posted by chinakat

Guess who will be staying up for 24 hours straight this November! 
Posted by CrystaljDesign

Getting in my stasis chamber now, setting for 11.11.11

Posted by Agent47
@chinakat: ME TOO!!!!WOOO!!!
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I wants me some Elder Scrolls! Fallout just doesn't scratch that itch like Elder Scrolls can.  
The moment he screams and the music kicks in is stunning. 

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my body is ready

Posted by Jayross

Reasons to build a new computer in 6 months:
-Battlefield 3
-TES: Skyrim

That's all you need.

Posted by mewarmo990

Holy shit. The combat may not be a disappointment after all.
Time to start saving up for new parts... I could use an upgrade next holiday season, anyway.

Posted by Luck3ySe7en
@Agent47 said:
" 1:30 Guys! Guys! Did you see that diagonal walking animation!?Holy....that's it DAY 1 PURCHASE! "
lmao, agreed
Posted by sgtskzell

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Endurance run anyone?! :D

Posted by chinakat

Wait... is this what the Xbox 360 version will look like, or is this the PC version at max specs?
Posted by NoK

Well time to upgrade the PC I see.

Posted by Bellum
@mewarmo990 said:
" Holy shit. The combat may not be a disappointment after all."
This is a Bethesda game. :|
Posted by sagesebas

With this, Dark Souls. Mass Effect 3, 2011 is gunna be awesome

Posted by Red

Looks great. I didn't really like Oblivion, but it had a metric buttload of potential. This looks like it'll actually capitalize on that potential. All I really want is less bugs, better graphics, exciting combat, and better quest design. Is that too much to ask?

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I got chills.

Posted by ZGoon

Best video game title to release date animation ever.

Posted by Hynes22

Looks like Fallout with swords.

Posted by redcrocigator

must... get... poor college student budget...is no match for the amount of want this game makes me feel...

Posted by Wonloong

Love the Nordic theme for this one. Totally will be getting this title.

Posted by davidjohnkeen

The music was so good! Nostalgia overload!!

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Pre-Ordered at EB Games. I almost went for the 149.99$ version but nah. 

Posted by Poost

It's almost sad how often I watch this trailer.

Posted by Punk1984

@Poost: I know what you mean...

Posted by sagesebas

This is such a great trailer

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@Poost said:

It's almost sad how often I watch this trailer.

Posted by sungahymn

Just three days left!

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this still makes me happy every time I see it