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The end of realistic neck:head proportions.

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Ugly lookin characters

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I'm looking forward to this game but it is a FACT that every game that has claimed to be the most original title in gaming history tends to fall flat on it's face, or only deliver 1/3 of it's promised content. I'll be watching this one a bit more closely.

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Peter Molyneux, I've found you a new marketing team.

Posted by Zimbo

I didn't realise there were hybrid giraffe-humans in this game.

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Warning children, hype kills.

Posted by MrHammeh

Bold claims, approaching with caution.

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@Bentjacket said:
" Peter Molyneux, I've found you a new marketing team. "
So true, although I still find myself buying fable games :(.
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Bold claims that are impossible to back up.
Color me increasingly skeptical.
Hell, I don't even think their movement system is going to do what they say it will.

Posted by ChemEngPaul

And there was me thinking that SD just wanted to make Mirror's Edge but have the shooting be actually useful. Regardless, I've grown tired of playing games online with people I don't know and I can't see the single player being earth-shattering enough for me to care otherwise but we shall see.

Posted by DougQuaid

That Creative Director really needs to settle down.  He almost makes these videos unwatchable.

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I can't really see how you could tell a story through multiplayer, players playing the other faction and beating you everytime to the point where you couldn't advance through the plot kind of seems like the big hurdle. The action looks good though so maybe I'll just stick to the single player portion for the story and online purley for multiplayer.
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I've liked what I've seen of the mission system, but these claims are too bold for any game to live up to.

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Brink's developer runnin' their mouth about how good their game is. What's new. 
does anyone feel like if they disagreed with them during the trailer spiel, that they would then be so offended to the point of assaulting you?
Seriously I don't think this game is going to be the game that makes me shit my pants.
   *cut away to piano and brink logo*

Posted by Andheez

Definitely interested, hopefully it turns out as good as it looks.
Also, I for one,  like the art style of the characters.

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Soooo it's a shooter?

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I like Brink, it looks like a game I'd enjoy, but all of this "Genre breaking" is kind of turning me off of it. 
It's ok to hype up your game, but don't over do it. 
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"End of labels" something I hope other developers will start doing more of.

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I honestly feel none the wiser about this game..

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Interested in it...but still worried the hyper deformed characters won't mesh with the "drama" of the story from what i've seen.

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This sounds like hype of Daikatanian scope 
...or a freakshow MAG 
In any case I doubt it'll revolutionize anything

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Necks: The Game

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The lettering on their office's glass doors really weirds me out. You can't split the words so lopsidedly like that!

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Do these people know what necks are?

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This game doesn't look half bad, but holy shit someone tell them to lay low with the awkward marketing speak, its making me cringe.

You're releasing a slow paced sight-aim fps controlpoint+objectives based arena shooter with a slightly weird art style, not the damn cure for Aids here.

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I wish the necks werent as long...

Posted by radioactivez0r

I get the terrible sense that this game will require a constant online connection due to SP/MP being integrated somehow.

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I kinda feel bad for thinking this, but i hope this game sucks hard just because of how hard they are hyping it.

Posted by Kefkaesque

Seems like a cool experiment if nothing else.

Posted by Arrers

They're starting to really overhype this. I've been following this game scince the first teasers, and I think it could be a really  good game. I even like the art style, which puts me in the minority.  But come on, Peter Molenyuex suffers pretty bably from this, and everyone mistrusts him for it. it really sucks to as his gameare usually great (Although never quite fufilling his ambitions/hype machine).

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Their claim to ending the geanre as we know it is that your singleplayer avatar and multiplayer one are the same. Fucking LOL
AI commander is a nice gimmick but this has nothing to do with the singleplyer storyline, a multiplayer match will stil be a multiplayer match just like in any other shooter, except your objectives change from time to time. Honestly how can decent people bear the shit coming out of their own mouth like that without wincing. What a joke.
 OMG "it has an interactive story!" That's called singleplayer FFS
Revolution my ass.
Someone give their marketing team a raise.

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''...'We're starting to see these walls crumble between the genres. Brink; it's a shooter, there's action elements and it's a kinda interactive story all at the same time''
Jimbo said:

" Soooo it's a shooter? "

They sound as if they have never seen a game before. He says 'interactive story' as if narrative in games is some mad-cap of the wall idea that we wouldn't even believe was possible.
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All cool concepts but revolutionary? i wouldnt go that far, Resistance 2 & Borderlands have both incoporated similiar conponants in their game, granted to less of a degree, but your not gonna blow anyones mind with this is as they seem to think they will.
Well none of that matters; to me at least. The game could fore fill all it's promises and be just as awe inspiring as it aims to be, i really could not care less. You dont go all TF2 (art style) and decide to be all gritty (KZ2) it just doesnt look right, infact, it looks fucking horrible. 
It might seem shallow to judge a game purely on it's visuals but it's not that it's technicly insufficient or that i think cartoony/cel-shaded games look bad i just think that the art style is totally dependant on the tone of the game.(unless it intends to be ironic) borderlands was over-the-top and comicly violent as was TF2, the new PoP (2008) had a fantastical Disney-eque vibe to it. Hell even killer 7 used used cel-shading to make the game seem more dark and obscure.
My point is it kills the vibe which matters more to me than the actual gameplay, i mean i wouldnt have been able to play through K&L2 if it wernt for the fact they nailed the vibe they set out to achieve. I'm aware it's completly a matter of taste but for me when a games not sure what type of tone it's trying to establish or just doesnt care it's hard for me to give a shit either, just my opinion though, for all it's worth. (feels good to rant)

Posted by MeatSim

There is something wrong with your neck!

Posted by fisk0

I'll still buy the game, as it seems interesting, but their claims on how it will revolutionize the genre are getting ridiculous.

Seems like it plays somewhat like a cross between Mirror's Edge, Borderlands and their earlier Enemy Territory titles. Nothing revolutionary, but certainly not the most common combination.

Posted by nicolenomicon

Looking good, but I think the Devs are getting a bit ahead of themselves here.

Posted by Slaneesh

This game is going to have the same problems as every other team based games. People are egoistic asholes online. 
Only play with friends

Posted by melting_window

A shooter with an interactive story? Wow, guys, you really are pushing the boundaries of 1999.

Posted by Fontan

Every time I see it, it looks more like a generic shooter.

Posted by Captainlunchbox

I just take it as "easier movement+rpg elements+choose your own objectives+mixture of common FPS elements= solid-looking game"  
I doubt it's gonna blow us all away or reinvent the FPS genre.

Posted by Psykhophear

Wow, this is using the Doom 3 engine? Looks a lil' more prettier than Wolfenstein but still, I don't think I'm gonna get this game after seeing how awful this development video is. The guy with the beard is all excited over nothing. No offense :P.

Posted by Codeacious

As much as I want this game to do well, I do think they could lay off the hype a bit.

Posted by Cramsy

Hate the marketing but super hyped for this

Posted by dyong

First signs of crappiness: They keep harping on how great their game is rather than show gameplay footage and letting the gameplay speak for itself.

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Have they forgotten that in the future we have all become stump like people with super large body's and no necks. Example  

I still plan on getting this for the PC regardless of Stretch Armstrong body's.
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i somehow have a bad feeling about lag and delay in multiplayer...

Posted by JoelTGM

Not sure what they were saying about blurring the line between singleplayer and multiplayer, but it's a nice game to watch.

Posted by pbhawks45

I'm impressed. Haters gonna hate.