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Starring the Borderlands Trailer as This Trailer.
(game still looks pretty cool though)

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Uh... Borderlands, much?

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 If it wasn't coming out so close to Red Dead Redemption,  I might be tempted.
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can't wait! Looks so cool!

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Fuck gamestop. I aint pre ordering shit you fucking fucks.

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That is a nice looking Wii game.

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 Shinjiro even sounds like Marcus from Borderlands
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It does look like Borderlands

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ugh! so lame.
don't even mention borderlands in the same breath as this junk.

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It'll all come down to how it plays. Reserving judgment on this one.

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The game looks great, especially for a Wii game. And I really hope it comes out well. I just wish I had a Wii.

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This game has bummer written all over it.

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didnt care about the first one, this however looks good. 
let's hope it plays the way the first one should have with the Wii motion Plus. I also just remembered.... I HAVE a Wii motion Plus. Way to make use of that tech there nintendo.
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@keyhunter said:

" Fuck gamestop. I aint pre ordering shit you fucking fucks. "

I don't thing you have to. The ingame bonus is activated by a code that comes with the your copy if you buy it via Gamestop. So unless they made every single disc of Red Steel 2 unique I think that you can just enter the code once it lands on the internet.
@88Fingers said:
" ugh! so lame.  nintenfail  don't even mention borderlands in the same breath as this junk. "

Professional troll? Ubisoft game by the way. Quite enjoyable i have heard.
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BTW the voice of Shinjiro is the voice of Gaara. 
Just saying to the 5 people that'll actually get this, then proceed to make fun of me.

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Still don't get what this has to do with Red Steel. 
Still, this looks way more awesome. Now if only i didn't need to get a Motion Plus just for this game...
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Liam O'Brien is also , Sanctus in DMC4, Akihiko Sanada in Persona 3, Reynard Fisher in Resident Evil 5, (The dude you meet at the beginning who get's beheaded) Illidan Stormragein WoW, (different dude in WC3) and War in Darksiders.
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@rateoforange said:
" Sworderlands? "
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I am betting this game will be just as disappointing if not more then the fist.

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This looks pretty good, love the cel-shading.

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Hey spoilers.  Now we know he gets to the end boss!