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Posted by BeachThunder

You didn't choose the horror life, the horror life chose you.

Posted by Abendlaender

I feel like at some point a doctor is going to tap a straitjacket wearing Patrick on the should and say something like "Hello Scoops. Is Patrick there? I want to talk to him, could you call him please?" or something like that.

Posted by KillNGer

My stomach drops a bit just thinking about playing this on Occulus Rift

Edited by Rotnac

Ughhhhhh. A first-person open-world survival-horror game... I'd ask how you win, but there's never a winner. Only nightmares. Lots and lots of nightmares.

Looks pretty solid for alpha gameplay, though.

Posted by Schmollian

Damn good looking on a technical side

Posted by Luck702

Those multi-body creatures gave me shivers. We'll see how creepy it stays after hours of dealing with them.

Posted by Yummylee


Posted by DonutFever

I've been pumped for this for a while.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

This will make for some good Patrick livestreaming.

Posted by VierasTalo

This looks pretty god damn solid.

Posted by Feller13

@yummylee said:


I second this. I've been looking forward to this but with my current PC it would be a $500 investment to play it lol

Posted by Dasdude

I like the idea of building a base in a horror setting. Defending yourself from nightmarish monsters is truly a reason to get entrenched. But just when you feel as though your base is impenetrable, the walls come crashing down.

Posted by virtorio

Does the spaceship come back?

Posted by Mr_Creeper

Wow, this game looks great. Love the details in the crafting and hunting and the enemies are genuinely creepy. Here's to this actually being a survival-horror game. Now, let's see if I can get in on that beta...

Edited by AngriGhandi

Wow, this looks great!

I really don't think I could handle it on Oculus though.

Naked monsters with hands for faces are probably where I draw the line as far as my desire for total immersion goes.

Posted by ThatOneDudeNick

This game looks great. I remember hearing that it's made by just a few dudes. It's got an actual story and ending as well, which I like. It's not something I would want to play on early access though. I want my first time experiencing it to have everything in place.

Posted by bluefoxxy

@killnger: I can pinpoint that stomach dropping feeling to when I saw resident evil for the first time, sh3, and now this! Can't wait to scream myself to sleep! WOO!

Posted by Evilsbane

Parts of this looks like what I would hope Rust would turn into, seeing him chop a tree down and it look like how you would expect is really impressive.

Posted by Bobafeet

I can't wait to watch Patrick play this.

Posted by ImmortalSaiyan

The part of the game with building and the mundane seem interesting. How sold on the combat part. It depends how those elements play off one another if I will want to try this or not.

Posted by Splodge

OH MAN OH MAN. I wish the consumer rift model would hurry up and come out already, I don't really want to buy a dev version. If this is as good as it is promising... hmmm I might just have to splurge.

Posted by Skab

This trailer is a month old. Way to be on top of things, Giantbomb.

Posted by MustardDragon

Calling it: Game takes place on another planet. Boom!

Posted by Ghost_Cat

Wow, that lighting and animation looks great!

Posted by pyrodactyl

It would be great if the only survival game that shows promise wasn't also trying to scare the shit out of me. Oh well...

Posted by AssInAss

This game looks great. I remember hearing that it's made by just a few dudes. It's got an actual story and ending as well, which I like. It's not something I would want to play on early access though. I want my first time experiencing it to have everything in place.

I'm torn because this looks awesome and I want as quickly to play this game, but playing a horror game for early access could reduce the thrills on final release. Then again, playing the alpha of Neverending Nightmares, and that is some chilling stuff even after a few tries and being linear.

Edited by Sydlanel

I think this looks pretty spectacular technically, specially considered it's being developed in unity3D ( which is a great engine but has some annoying limitations)...
but opposite to you @patrickklepek, I'm finding that now that they showed the deformed enemies and more of the gameplay style, it all looks more actiony / minecrafty, than horror. Of course it could be just this trailer though, We will have to wait and see, I'm definitely going to give it a try.

Posted by Bedurndurn

I love the swarm of giant monsters running at the guy while he holds a tiny axe.

Posted by 16Shells

Seems to be influenced by Neil Marshall's The Descent. I'm in.

Posted by MEZwaan

Is the guy in the trailer really using a cheap lighter for a torch (around 1:10)? That's not very practical, those little flint-wheels get hot very quickly (I once burnt my thumb on one lighting a bunch of candles in a row) and the flame goes out with the smallest breeze. They had better change that to a zippo lighter which would make more sense.

The rest of it looks cool though. I guess it will have mechanics similar to minecraft and terraria where you have to gather food and build during the day and defend yourself against monsters during the night. From the developers website I gather that it will be a single player game (with co-op scheduled for the future). Which is a good thing because I read nothing but bad things about survival horror games with multiplayer only. On their website they also state that their will be an option to turn of the horror element and only focus on the survival part of the game.

Posted by i_Dead
Posted by Turkalurch

I really like the look of this game.

Posted by chilipeppersman

@16shells: i totally got that vibe too! looks great

Posted by Leosol


Posted by metalhammer

This looks incredible. Not sure I've got the disposition for it though!

Posted by LackingSaint

Getting some real strong Betrayer vibes and some minor Miasmata vibes. As both were kind of disappointing to me (Betrayer more than Miasmata), i'll be cautious about this one.

Posted by m0nty

@yummylee: the first thing I thought when I saw camera being controlled by mouse movement was "oh, it's for PC". I second the notion of PS4 port with interest.

Edited by Bjorn

Looks like a higher budget Miasmata, and those words just made me pee my pants a little...

Edited by edeo

This is like a 3D Don't Starve, but with no whimsy and less emphasis on crafting.

Posted by madlands


Don't go in that cave.

Posted by GermanBomber

Wow! Great trailer. A lot of cool stuff going on.

I respect every duder who can play this game alone in a dark room or (even better) in the middle of the night, with headphones on full volume, without shitting himself...I am NOT that kind of person, unfortunately.

This game looks way too freaky for my taste. Hanging bodies everywhere...Jesus. Reminds me of Blair Witch Project for some reason.

Forests are just the most disturbing thing on earth...nothing good happens there...

Edited by Jonny_Anonymous

Wiat... there is monsters in The Forrest? I thought it was just cannibals.

Posted by VargasPrime

@edeo said:

This is like a 3D Don't Starve, but with no whimsy and less emphasis on crafting.

I don't know about that... I mean, it looks like you're going to have to get pretty serious about building and rebuilding yourself some fortifications, weapons, traps, etc just to stave off the things trying to kill you.

I think since it's early, they probably just wanted to focus on the atmosphere and all the scary shit that's out to get you.

Edited by The_Nubster

The combat looks like a tricky balance. It would be so awful to lose time and time again on those huge waves of enemies, but then if the penalty for death is something like waking up in a cave, hung by the feet and having to escape, there's no real danger to it. I hope they can balance that stuff properly.

Edited by MeatSim

Well that's one forest you probably won't get much resistance for clear-cutting it.

Posted by DayOneAdvantage

While watching I thought the game looked pretty good, but not scary. Then it said it will have Oculus Rift support. Even rudimentary games attempting horror are pretty creepy on Rift, I can't imagine what this will be like on it.

Posted by teh_destroyer

This looks really fantastic.

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