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Looks interesting, hopefully as good as the previous 2.

Posted by MisterMouse

robot arm ichiro suzuki.... awesome trailer also

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Damn, missed again. Excited for this game, though!

Posted by Mikemcn

I do not understand the Icarus reference, but ok.

Posted by jkz

Yet another example of game companies getting far better at advertising their games.

Posted by Shimakaze

It's Ghost in the Shell!!! Looks awesome!

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Posted by XcL

Who put Final Fantasy in my Deus EX ??

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I am Batman! And I whisper "No."

@kishan6 said:


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Why can't the Detroit now, look like the Detroit in the future?! Give us some time to enjoy that shit before the riots happen again.
CG looks good, but what about the gameplay? I hate teasers.

Posted by FirePrince

Also,will games ever be have such awesome CGI-like graphics in gameplay?Makes you wander when will it be possible............
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Man, if only games were as half good as the trailers led them too be.

Posted by Zen313

I love how the game is set were I live, for once. Instead of fucking New York.....
Anyways, that games looks beautiful and the main character(Just through that trailer) proved he's a badass and someone I cant wait to play as.

Posted by Binman88

I've never been so excited for one game in my life. I hope the gameplay proves as good as their trailer.

Posted by lordofultima

Oh my god this trailer is so f'in hype!

Posted by Lazyaza

Wow, if the game is as good as this trailer implies it could be freaking amazing.
But the fact its entirely pre-rendered cgi has me a tad... worried.

Posted by Eaxis

Epic Epic trailer.
Posted by morningthief

This trailer is HUGE. Let's hope the game delivers!

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oO another trip down conspiracy lane with JC

Posted by kalmis

Very nice trailer

Posted by albedos_shadow

Trailer of the year. Noone else even needs to try.

Posted by Andheez

THAT is a trailer.

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Deus Ex, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Posted by goforth_and_die

get hype!!!

Posted by Seppli

Looking forward to seeing actual gameplay at E3. Hopefully the devs can match the CGI to some extent. 
Also - does it remain first person or will they go 3rd person? Would piss me off immensely.

Posted by adoggz
  OMG!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!
@Shimakaze said:

" It's Ghost in the Shell!!! Looks awesome! "

yes, and it looks so awesome.
@goforth_and_die said:

" get hype!!! "

hype get!
Posted by Steve_C

Amazing looking trailer, but maaan, are they cribbing from MGS4 or what.

Posted by LeBart

This got me excited for E3 even more than for the game. 
It's epic trailers time !

Posted by FlipperDesert

The premise looks increidible in that trailer and I love the music used.
Let's just hope the game stands up too.

Posted by needforswede

That was probably the best game trailer I've ever seen...wasn't expecting that.  Looks like they were really going for a Blade-Runner vibe.  The first two games were good...I don't know if I'd still be into that sort of game today, but who knows...this already looks vastly different from what I expected Deus Ex to look like today.

Posted by dpresting
@Mikemcn said:
" I do not understand the Icarus reference, but ok. "
Icarus made wax wings to fly to the sun, but got too close, the wings melted, and he plummeted back to earth.
the main character, alex, is missing both arms, possibly from some kind of sabotage from some kind of research he was involved in? (i'm kind of leaping to conclusions here but he says "if you want to make enemies, try to change something" and then is later shown being pushed/blown/falling out a window, which is really reminicient of the spider-man 2099 origin :D)
the parallels seem to imply both characters thought they were working for glory or a greater good, which eventually lead to their downfall.
... also, that's totally girl-butt uncloaking at the :57 sec mark.
Posted by cikame

I highly doubt the gameplay is anything like this trailer, which is a shame, i don't know anything about the previous deux ex games but from this trailer they have a decent set up for a high quality 3rd person action game.
(i know the previous games were first person don't test me)

Posted by ztiworoh

Man I hope this lives up to the trailer. Closest thing I'll get to a modern day Blade Runner game most likely

Posted by Mister_Snig

@ 2:59 
Yeah! Fuck you, Haze!

Posted by wealllikepie

looks good hopefully itll be better than the shitty invisible war :P

Posted by TheChaos

At first I was all Meh.. 

Posted by Neverpraying

Really felt like a Batman copy cat kinda trailer.

Posted by spartan1017

i'm glad i'm not the only one that thinks he sounds like batman

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Anybody else getting a huge Masamune Shirow (Ghost in the Shell, Appleseed) vibe from this trailer? Cybernetics, cloaking, huge biotech corporations vs government, riot suppression, and more.
It makes me wonder what the gameplay will actually be like, though, since right now it seems like a third person action game. I hope the story's as complex as the first game.

Posted by Dr_VonBoogie

WOW! I really hope Eidos decides to make a CGI animated Deus Ex movie using the same style and effects from this video, that'd be SWEET.

Posted by lordofultima
@cikame said:
" I highly doubt the gameplay is anything like this trailer, which is a shame, i don't know anything about the previous deux ex games but from this trailer they have a decent set up for a high quality 3rd person action game. (i know the previous games were first person don't test me) "
If the game isn't first person I don't give a crap about it. It's just a trailer, no reflection of gameplay at all (hopefully).
Posted by makari

I'd go see that movie. Wait, it's a first person game? Where you'll never see anything badass like that happen? I see...

Posted by Torrim

Oh my God JC A BOMB

Posted by Carlos1408

Potential, please use it!

Posted by Milkman

Anyone else think this looks mad Japanese?

Posted by august
@Torrim said:
" Oh my God JC A BOMB "

WOW. That was epic. If that were a movie I would go see it in a heart beat. Hopefully the game turns out great cuz i really like the first two Deus ex.  

Posted by AndrewB

Every freaking time I read that as "Hitman Revolution," as in a sequel to Hitman that I'm dying to play.

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Posted by weegieanawrench

Anyone notice the Death Star at 1:39-1:43? Also, this feels totally like Blade Runner. Can't wait.