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I'm buying an Iphone just to buy this app!

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wished this worked with my blackberry

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Perfect. Yes.

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downloaded. Thanks, Giantomb!

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This is amazing

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OK... Fucking weird but very funny

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I think my head just exploded.

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Make one for the Android G1 and I am sold dear sirs!

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I love GiantBomb.

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YES! I've been waiting for this app for ages, and this commercial just makes it more awesome

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Best video on the site, really, my face is red from laughter! Im so buying it

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This just blew my mind

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Holy shit, amazing.

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Im done...Im done..I've lost a bit of my humanity with this video

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that was amazing

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Christ that was good.

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Best, video, ever.

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Pregnancy is an STD?! Ha, awesome.

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This is, by far, the BEST thing you've done. :D

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hahahahhahahaha that was epic

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By the way, that has to be the best Giant Bomb video since 2-Human. You guys are amazing. Mad props to all y'all bellhops

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Well crap, now I need to go buy an iPhone.

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Hahahahahaha! You guys are awesome.

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Ohmygod, best commercial ever!

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LOOOOOOL i'm getting this !!!!

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There should be a 'Hall of Fame' tag for videos like this.

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You guys are really funny

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did i just stroke out there for a second?

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I assure you, if I had an iPhone, I would be all over this. Nice work guys, and an awesome video too.

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Oh my... We're in God's hands now.

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Roflmao.  "Does not prevent STD's such as Pregnancy"  Classic.

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Yeah this very well might be the best video I've ever seen.  Seriously though I almost died when I started choking when Vinny said "doesn't prevent certain stds like hivaids or PREGNANCY."   Awesome video...wish I had an iPhone so I could use this app.

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That was amazing! GJ! :D

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Best two bucks I ever spent that didn't have "value menu" in the title!

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Great video! Too bad I use my cell mostly for, you know, calling people (far out!).

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Loved the old VHS effect ^^ Great work guys! You are the best!

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Hahaa love it!

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Giant Bomb is win.

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haaha, I love the crappy camera effects on the Cash4Games. I wish I had an iphone. 

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My heart belongs to Giant Bomb.

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Amazing. Just... amazing.

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haha "men who are currently pregnant" 

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Lol!  Good job guys!  Time to spread the love with a few emails!

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