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Posted by GlenTennis


Posted by zombie2011

i really wanna see this game in action, I'm guessing this was a boss fight thats why it was really bland looking.

Posted by MisterMouse

I feel like there will be some incredible craziness in this game.

Posted by Management

This game looks SOOOOO japanese, it's crazy

Edited by Enigma777

This reminds me a lot of Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm (no surprise considering the developer), which is not a bad thing at all. I just hope there's no lame fetch-quest hub world though...

Posted by mutha3

This game looks so silly. I love it.

Posted by Tesla

This game looks fucking awesome.

Posted by coakroach

...hey...yeah.....YEAH!.....FUCK YEAH!

Posted by Scooper

Evil Ryu eat your heart out.

Posted by Wes899


Posted by Dante_the_Jedi

This game looks so awesome...and out of this goddamn mind.

Posted by buhssuht

now that's a boss fight

Posted by Philzpilz

What the hell is this game? Besides awesome, obviously.

Posted by LiquidSwords

Grab swords, punch faces. What more can you ask for!? WHAT!

Posted by jorbear

That looks super Japanese.

It also looks sexy.

Posted by SejsCube

Love the look of the action ... the location leaves something to be desired.
Unless that fight is taking place on the moon, then it's acceptable.  Otherwise it looks like it's just a random quarry in Wales.

Posted by Klaimore

AWWWWWWW yeah... this looks really good.

Posted by Slaneesh

My mind just exploded!

Posted by Brendan


Posted by probablytuna

Haha that screen cap looks awesome!

Posted by Klei

Doesn't look like a good game. Looks too rough, IMO.

Posted by craigbo180

I'm not feeling it.

Posted by gelatinabomination

This will either be amazing or complete QTE-riddled crap. Crossing my fingers for the former.

Posted by phrosnite

It's over 9000!

Posted by quantumshift5

Day one for me.
Posted by kollay

I love that screencap.


Posted by MajorToms

What's with the 3/4 sideways third person camera? How do you know you're going to dodge those incoming lines?

Posted by Zeninnnnnnnn

@GlenTennis: My body is a cage.

Posted by Solh0und

He makes Kratos look like He-man in comparison...

Posted by Brake

This kinda reminds me of those Dragon Ball Z games.

Posted by nomorehalfmeasuresdoctor

This game looks fucking awesome!

Posted by SharpCypher
@SejsCube: They are on the moon. If you pause around the 6-7 second mark, you can just barely see Earth. It starts behind the bar on top of the screen and very quickly moves to the right off screen. Start at 0:05 and wail on the spacebar.
Posted by ichthy

I can get behind this kind of crazy,

Posted by Virtua_Ben

This game looks god damn amazing!

Posted by Tordah

For a game striving for over-the-top crazyness, that environment was really dull and flat.

Posted by Game_Baron

This game is godly.

Edited by Brenderous

I get that reference!

There should be a coke bottle in there somewhere.

Posted by Gerhabio


They made those awesome Naruto Ninja Storm games! It looks like it kinda plays the same too, I'm excited for this now!

Posted by MackGyver

I can't wait for this game to come out!

Posted by ApexDefect

This looks insane in the best of ways!

Posted by RandomInternetUser
@G3RHRT said:


They made those awesome Naruto Ninja Storm games! It looks like it kinda plays the same too, I'm excited for this now!

Yeah, dude.  Those games were fucking so good.  That's why I has hyped for this when it was announced.
Posted by insane_shadowblade85

Looks interesting.
Posted by BraveToaster

Take me now, Asura's Wrath!

Posted by thedevilbat

no idea what this is aside from looking like a great time

Posted by Masha2932

This game looks good enough  for a rental.

Posted by pastabot

Cyber Connect 2 knows how to make great fluid animation integrate well into gameplay. The cinematics for the .Hack//G.U. series were great and the the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm games looked and moved like the anime.  This game looks like it's going to be a lot of flash like Naruto and insane over-the-top fights. Day ! buy. Too bad the dub sucks. Will be giving the Naruto and switching right to the Japanese track.

Posted by Tophat666

@GlenTennis said:


Posted by WillyLo

I really want this game... it just looks so EPIC!

Posted by Nate

LOL. Just ... LOL.

Edited by SpliTTMark

you guys know whats this means
spiral+asura = offspring

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