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Edit: That was lucky on my part.

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I am the second fastest.

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What is this?

Posted by Cryotorched

I dont even...l.

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I am watching this video on the same monitor Drew has. The U2711 is really quite gorgeous.

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Looks like Jeff found those Editor's Choice awards.

Posted by TheJohn

Can't decide if I should dig deeper into mouse before I watch this, or save that stuff until I've finished the video.

I know one thing though. There will be digging. Glorious, glorious digging.

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Sweet, moar content!

edit: That part with Ryan made me fucking laugh. =D

Posted by jakkblades

Thanks for the update on office stuff. I'd love to see y'all (if you can do this) take the camera through the gamespot offices proper.

Posted by Natewcheng

pork buns!

Posted by Kevin_Cogneto

Vinny doesn't get to sit with the cool kids?

Posted by Chris2KLee

Kinda miss seeing Will, Norm and Rorrie roaming around, but the office looks like it's coming together.

Posted by kishinfoulux

Pretty nice monitor. I want it.

Posted by Spoonman

Shaq is up!!!! Office Complete!

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Heh, the free scroll wheel was my favorite thing about my Logitech mouse when I first got it. Too bad that feature ended up not working correctly after a couple of months (same thing with its replacement).

Posted by RE_Player1

Jeff has a Wii.

Posted by heavyplay

Nice to see Tony and Sara are in there with you guys - still ignoring all of your stupid shit.

Posted by iamthejuggler

urgh that office space looks soulless. Good luck dudes!

Posted by TiE23

I watched that on Drew's monitor... I got the same one! :D Dell U2711

Posted by Davin

This is the quality content I expect from Giant Bomb.

Thanks for keeping us updated Jeff. The videos really help.

Posted by LLJK_Jasta

Man, I laughed so hard at Ryan's "special" hello. XD

Posted by patrick

Related pages: Pork buns.

Posted by Troncek

Maybe it's just me, but it seems they are a lot more restricted as space goes. It feels more "corporate" and "office-y" from the old place.

Hopefully their imagination and originality will not be restricted as well.

Posted by fox01313

Seems they also need to completely cover those damn empty white boards or just get one for everyone in giant bomb to do what they want to with it. Can't wait to possibly see some behind the scene stuff on the rebuilt quick look city.

Posted by Lyfeforce

Shaq has found his new wall, it is truly the Bomb cubefarm now.

Posted by zyn

More secret filming of Ryan playing games! No, I'm no stalker guy...

Posted by Nac

Aghhhh, this just reminds me how I'm struggling to decide on getting the U27 or the U24.... Decisions decisions. I do have one of those solar powered logitechs though!

Posted by outerabiz

i bet this is most viewed video about mouse wheels in the universe.

Posted by SgtSphynx

I love these videos.

Posted by drowsap

Yep Giant Bomb is as dumb as always I love it

Posted by metalsnakezero

Please play Xenoblade Chronicles, last thing we need is people ignoring it just because its Wii/JRPG.

Posted by Osaladin

I have the G500, freaking love it.

Posted by SM5240

Loving the office videos thus far, thanks guys!

Posted by RetroVirus

Confirmed: Jeff still has a Wii!

Posted by hughesman

Its just like inception. Will the mouse wheel ever stop? Is it all just a dream?

Posted by Tennmuerti

Sitting on a rigid office chair in a tiny white walled room seems such a natural and pleasant gaming experience...
poor Ryan

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Check out Drew's 27 incher!

Posted by LiquidSwords

Brad <3 Sara, back together again!

Posted by Pudge

I love the trophies at the end with the ghetto Patrick sign attached to it.

Posted by Pie

I have the same mouse as Brad!

Posted by Moncole

Ryan sitting alone playing Rayman

Posted by Catfish666

Oh cool, Jeff got G700, brilliant mouse. Good ergonomics, very configurable and I really like the detachable (charger-)cord.

Posted by Sputty

I have one of those mice and I sort of wore out the mouse wheel by doing that! Be careful, Brad!

Posted by PirateNeal

@Troncek: They mentioned the way the space looks is temporary. Owner are in the process of taking out a bunch of walls. Which will hopefully mean more of a room like environment. I'm hopeful judging by the way some of the other areas look in the building, it should be pretty cool

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That is without a doubt the most depressing office environment I have ever seen...

Posted by edwardt

fuck'n ridickulus

Posted by chilibean_3

sweet wheels bros

Posted by GuardianKnux

Hey I just bought the Rat 7 on saturday!