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Anyway, GW2 seems to have some fresh ideas. Looking forward to it.

Posted by LiquidPrince

Don't do that first thing. At least try and leave a comment. Or edit one in later.

Posted by WinterSnowblind

Was a huge fan of the first game, but this looks incredible in every sense of the word.

Posted by Livebythesword

I am very... interested

Posted by Paboned

omg cant wait

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Interesting, I guess I'd need to actually see someone sit down a play through some of it to see how there quests actually work. We've all heard of MMOs trying to break out of traditional quest design, and it hasn't always happened.

Posted by Vorbis

I'll take an MMO that's trying something new, been a while since we've had one of those.

Posted by MasterTom

might try this...

Posted by radioactivez0r

As far as my gaming dollars go, peace out Cataclysm.  I can only hope they pull off half of what they are shooting for here.

Posted by Tregard

OMG I cannot wait for this game, buying a new PC and everything for it.

Posted by W0lfbl1tzers

Looks great. I hope they deliver.

Posted by onarum

I hope they do like the first one and have a free weekend or something like that before the release
Gotta check to see how will it run on my damn laptop... the graphics don't look that much improved from the first, So I think it'll be alright, I just can't afford a PC now (been wanting to build me a rig for a while).

Posted by harinosho

holy mother.. im a fan of the first one, cant wait for the second.. those ideas sound impossible to pull off though, still. im in. need to upgrade my pc, fast

Posted by elko84

Looks good

Posted by Flappy

If they're able to deliver on all these promises, WoW may have some competition.  Nice video.

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Looks cool.
The best thing imo about the first one was that max armor costed ~2-3k per piece, which is really easy to get. But there are armor that cost 150k per piece. Though the only difference was the aesthetics. So you don't have to end up grinding for dozens of hours to get better gear. 
And if you wanted to go pvp, you can make a pvp character and he's automatically max level and gets access to all the armor/weapons/skills you ever found/bought on any character on your account for free.

Posted by twm

mmm.... "most games" aren't MMORPG crap, thank god for that.

Posted by Sin4profit

Holy ass-crackers that looks amazing.
Never got around to play the first one...it's always been on the corner on my mind, currently the pack is on my Steam wish list, but i kept putting it off.  Still vastly confused as to what the game is...an MMO that you don't pay for?
If the reports come in positive on this one i may check it out when it comes out.

Posted by RagingLion

Well that's a pretty impressive trailer.

Posted by VicRattlehead

really did enjoy the first guild wars.... running about in a sweet guild doing HOH and shit all the time was really fun cant wait to get back into it with this

Posted by JamesKond

Mhh, that's interesting, free to play and revolutionary? I'm in! I only need money :P

Posted by Rio

I will likely give it a try simply because it has no monthly fee.  It is looking very good.  Unfortunately I feel that ff14 might steal a lot of my time that I might otherwise give to something like GW2.

Posted by OverLord00


Posted by Forcen

That trailer was hella impressive.
My friends played a lot of the first game, i never got into it. The sequel however. might get me playing.

Posted by KillerEwok

I played a lot of Guild Wars back in the day, cannot wait to play this. This just looks absolutely amazing.

Posted by FalconCritical

With all their player-central world ideas, at some point you have to wonder why this is an MMO at all.

Posted by LethalKi11ler

Big fan of the series. Must-have for me

Posted by Hamz

Tremendous fan of the series. Definitely looking forward to this, right now WoW is the only worthwhile MMO on the market. We need something to contrast that and give players an alternate perspective on things.
So excited! :D

Posted by Rongaryen

Well, it looks rad.  If it plays as actiony as it looks and does what they say then I'm down for some Guild Wars Duo.

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GW was great but is essentially a co-op game rather than an MMO in the accepted sense. How they're going to add in all that new stuff without turning it into yet another WoW clone has me intrigued, although I hope they don't end up loosing what made the original so much fun in the process.

Posted by onarum

One thing though...
I understand what they say about all the grinding and stuff, but saying no one likes it is stupid, there's what a bazillion WoW players that would disagree with that statement.
One of that bad things about the first one was that you would attain the max level (20) and best gear in a couple of days (hell depending on the person even a matter of  hours), so in the end the only thing that would be driving you to keep playing would be the storyline, and, let's be frank here, it wasn't all that great...  the combat was nothing special either, click a monster and hit it till it's dead, repeat.
IMO the game was too PvP centric, and I'm not into that, eventually I completely lost interest, because I didn't had more levels, abilities or any possible better gear to look forward to, I agree that some games get a little to much enthusiastic with all the grinding, but you can't just forget about it completely, there should be  a middle term, because in the end when you finally get that ability or gear you worked so hard for you get a real sense of accomplishment.

Posted by geirr

The way there's cat-nosed tauren combined with the amount of times the people said "WoW"
and then the climatic shift in music at 4:00 pretty much sounded like that one track from WoW,
I felt confused and scared - a little offended yet intrigued.. so yeah I need to check this out!

Posted by SilentCommando

YESS! I LOVED the 1st Guild Wars and I can't wait for this game.

Posted by RobbieMac
They need to give us a release date!  Ahhh!  The fans have been waiting so long.  Too much has been nerfed in the original that I haven't played it in a while, though this reminds me I should upgrade my Hall of Monuments a bit more.
Posted by BobbyStrong

 Holy jesus!  You can jump!  And swim!
That's progress, people.

Posted by jkz

There's no way to quantify how excited I am for this game. I loved Guild Wars 1, and given that it's the only MMO I've ever remotely enjoyed, I absolutely can't wait for this to release.

Posted by Stormdragonblue

I bet my cousin who is also a GM in the game wet himself seeing this. I wouldn't be surprised if he would buy a new PC if he couldn't upgrade to the recommended specs. Guild Wars is all he plays.

Posted by tactis

YES!!! SO EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by TheYear20XX

The more I see and hear about this game the more I want to try it. They have some great ideas, I hope they pan out.

Posted by Pop

That was pretty amazing to look at the huge monsters, battles and promises which I don't really think will be kept, but I wish they prove me wrong, I've only seen friends play guild wars so I shouldn't be judging I hope it will be the wow killer but cataclysm looks pretty good too just sayin'

Posted by Skogen

  @onarum said:

"  IMO the game was too PvP centric, and I'm not into that, eventually I completely lost interest, because I didn't had more levels, abilities or any possible better gear to look forward to, I agree that some games get a little to much enthusiastic with all the grinding, but you can't just forget about it completely, there should be  a middle term, because in the end when you finally get that ability or gear you worked so hard for you get a real sense of accomplishment. "

PvP was the focus of the game. It's called Guild Wars because the focus is on the PvP gametype of Guild Versus Guild. The game's longevity lives in the games PvP modes. 
The story was a bit of a mess in the Prophecies campaign, but they tried to flesh it out a whole lot more in Factions and Nightfall. But nonetheless, the gameplay within the PvE environments was still quite enjoyable despite the rather standard story. 
The lack of player levels is a great move on their behalf, as it was more of a thinking game opposed to something of shear grind for the sake of omnipotence. And eventually, scaling abilities based off of PvE grind were implemented at the request of players. The high-end gameplay was more focused on coordination and preparation, rather than overpowering your foes. 
As for items to look forward to, the fancy stuff was purely aesthetic, which is the safest way to implement items without unbalancing the game. People who wanted to grind the obscenely priced armor and weapons could, but when it came down to it, they were all of the same armor level. And the fanciest sword still did the same amount of damage as an average NPC collector item.
Bottom line, the biggest misconception with Guild Wars was the whole WoW-killer hype that it was given in the early days. The mythos of it being some grand, free version of WoW ended up discouraging a lot of players because it wasn't an MMO. Arenanet is really trying to cater to that audience now, with GW2 though.
Posted by JustKamToo

Oh my...this looks good.

Posted by Jeffk38uk

Was excited after the large preview PC Gamer UK had, this trailer now elevates it to DO WANT.

Posted by CharkeeFarlee

Holy fucking shit, i cannot express how amazing this game is going to be to me. 
I think my life will be complete when this comes out.

Posted by TheClap

Purple Dragon. Now sugar free.

Posted by Mr_Skeleton

You had me at no monthly fees.

Posted by Onigenko

I loved the first Guild War, and this seems so much better already.

Posted by ModernAlkemie

Well you definitely can't say they have a lack of ambition, which makes me more excited for this game than a cinematic trailer would. So good luck Arenanet. Do yourselves proud. 
Also, I always seem to cringe whenever I read the words "WOW killer".
Posted by OldElfin

Always kinda wished I got into the first guild wars when it came out but I never did.  
This one is going to get tried.
Posted by Balfas

Thats impressive but can they pull it off. Also best to avoid SWTOR.

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