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Posted by Ataxia


Edited by Aegon

you need guns in an fps

Posted by Beomoose

Hey, Brink, long time no see.

Posted by b00tableByte

Yay guns!

Posted by mazik765

Still looks awesome. I wish this game would come out already :)

Posted by blacklab

Guns specifically created to whack people with long necks. Giraffe guns?

Posted by drowsap

this game looks awsome

Posted by Henrythetrain

guns do help

Posted by wrecks

I want this to be good but I am filled with doubt.

Posted by Robopengy

Good to see this is still going on (not sarcasm)

Posted by Stupot

Well this game looks promising, as long as the shooting controls like Call of Duty and the multiplayer campaign works well.

Posted by MjHealy

Is this game ever going to come out?

Posted by JediiKNIGHT


Posted by Agent47

Sweet I didn't know you could add your own camo to your guns too.

Posted by Steveolio

Wow this looks AMAZING, I guess this is back on my must have list!

Posted by Aronman789

Giraffe people.

Posted by flounderingsomewhat

Oh my, I do hope this plays as stylishly as it looks. Splash Damage have done great things in the past.

Posted by Hyuzen

Didn't realize borderlands 2 was being worked on

Posted by Nadafinga

I want Brink in my belly. NOW.

Edited by MeatSim

I do like guns.

Posted by KarlHungus01

Might be just me, but it sure seemed like the framerate was choppy in spots. Hope they get this thing running ultra smooth by the time it's released.

Posted by Gav47

This game continues to look great and red dot sights confirmed

Posted by Musou

Good god this games looks freaking awesome

Posted by BigStupidFace

Maybe it's because I just watched the Crysis 2 trailer, but this looks pretty uninspiring.

Posted by MythDarK

Why are people so shocked? Am I the only one who watched the developer dairy videos?

Posted by RandomInternetUser

I honestly can't wait for this, I wish it would come out already.

Posted by Wandrecanada


Posted by dcgc

For a second I thought this was Mirror's Edge (don't know why). Also... GUNS!

Posted by Agent47
@Hyuzen: Jaja it looks nothing like Borderlands.You need glasses my friend?I think you meant to say TF2.BRINK doesn't even have that cartoony shady/outline from Borderlands.
Posted by Agent47
@BigStupidFace: Besides graphics I really don't see what Crysis 2 is bringing to the table.
Posted by Redbullet685

I hope this game plays as good as it looks, cause it looks amazing.

Posted by Milkman

Yo, I heard you like guns.

Posted by madmax0412

I can't believe there's not more comments on this video. I've been tracking this game since the early developer diaries. Day 1 buy for me. 

Posted by TheVeteran13

indeed i do like guns

Posted by Daftasabat

Why the long face?

Posted by Ice_Cold

Wow, didn't expect this awesome customization from this game. Been interested in it since it was announced.

Posted by Arker101

I want this to be awesome, I really do.

Posted by JoelTGM

It looks somewhat fast paced.  I like how when you vault over something or slide you can still shoot.  So many modern games today would just force you to wait for an animation.

Posted by Cramsy

Please be good

Posted by BeachThunder
@H2Oyea said:
" you need guns in an fps "
You didn't in Mirror's Edge... :o
Posted by DystopiaX
@H2Oyea said:
" you need guns in an fps "
You didn't in Mirror's Edge... :o
That was a first person platformer that happened to have poor but minor gunplay
Posted by Crazy_Horse

Man that framerate is terrible.

Posted by hermberger

I still don't understand why they made they're dudes looks so stupid

Posted by AURON570

more interested to see the hitboxes of characters during the jumping over/sliding under stuff.

Posted by Eric_Buck
@Daftasabat said:
" Why the long face? "
Posted by Hashbrowns

This is running on a version of the Doom 3 engine, right?  I wouldn't have guessed that considering how nice it looks apart from the... unpleasant character design. 
Has anyone else noticed that when the staff upload videos and the encode doesn't go well (like this one) they never try again?  Some of the trailers on here look really bad, and a few people might instantly asume it's the game itself that has a bad framerate, instead of a problem with the video.
Posted by Avisole
@Crazy_Horse:  That is the video, not the game.  Look up the video on Youtube, it looks much better.
Posted by koolaid39

I'm looking forward to this.

Posted by SuperSambo

Looks like its got framerate issues...

Posted by sandwich_adjustment


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