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Awesome. Keep these coming.

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Yeah! Combat flight sims! I should get around to playing the IL-2 Sturmovik title I bought during the Steam summer sale.

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day one

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I love the Rise of flight guys and i love IL2.. can't wait for this.

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Flightclub assemble?

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Someone light the Flight Club signal.

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@toxin066 said:

Someone light the Flight Club signal.


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I heard nothing but good about previous games, this could be interesting

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Nice. I played Il-2 back years ago on a crappy computer. It will be great to see how it looks now. Check out War Thunder too if you want some good flight combat. It has arcade mode, but also Historical Battles and All Real Battles, which is essentially a hardcore mode.

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With those full RRP games you get the full experience from the get-go no-fiddly coins or gold or pay to shit.

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@tbk said:

Flightclub assemble?



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Can we get some Drew / Top Gun photoshops anyone?

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After the CLOD fiasco, I'm not coughing up any cash until well after release and the fanboy/troll screamfests at SimHQ and the banana forums have abated.

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At least CLOD was patched into a playable state. Hopefully there won't be such a clusterfuck this time around.

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That was awesome. Thanks for posting that, Drew. I just got back from EAA AirVenture so this was a pleasant surprise to see.

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At least CLOD was patched into a playable state. Hopefully there won't be such a clusterfuck this time around.

"Playable", perhaps. As long as you don't try to fly a Brit crate with full CEM. Then you just fireball as soon as you look at the throttle cross-eyed. And who the hell puts out a flight sim without anti-aliasing? Who needs to work out what direction that distant bogie is moving in relative to you? Much better to look at a random blob of jaggies. CLOD was, is, and ever shall be the sperm-gargling ditch pig of flight sims.

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Just to say, this is from the Rise of Flight developers so hopefully none of the same concerns from CLOD.

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Well it's from both. Hopefully it'll work right out of the box and the RoF pricing model won't be too ridiculous. (so...you'd like your Sturmovik to have gauges would you? $4.99 extra!)

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@zatoichi_sanjuro: was it ? ill have to take your word for it as i was never able to play it without extreme graphical issues

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Flight club? Flight club.

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It's been a while since I've had to say this, but is this gameplay or pre-rendered?

The close up of the moment bf109 flies over the IL-2's gunner looks in-engine but other parts look so good as to make me doubt

It's all pre-render. They're using the Rise of Flight engine 2.0, so it is not going to look that good. They also appear to be following the same pricing model as ROF, charging money on top of retail price for planes. $50 for the "Standard Edition" with early access in winter 2013, and $90 for the "Premium Edition" with a number of exclusive planes, and early access in autumn.

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Is it almost time for Flight Club again?