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Posted by BraveToaster

I can't wait for this to come out.

Posted by Xyberius12

@BraveToaster: me too

Posted by OneFreeman

Looks a bit, umm.......bland?

Posted by MariachiMacabre

@BraveToaster said:

I can't wait for this to come out.

I just hope it does.

Posted by kenniWORLDPEACE

this looks pretty bad yo

Posted by SnowyPliskin

This would look so good if it didn't look so bad.

Posted by Flappy

Whaaaaaaaaaat the fuck did I just watch?

Posted by Sauson

The intro was kind of cool when the guy was at the bar but it went down hill from there.

Posted by wewantsthering

I can't wait for this to come out...so they can actually work on a Dreamfall sequel...

Posted by thejackrayner

@wewantsthering said:

I can't wait for this to come out...so they can actually work on a Dreamfall sequel...


Posted by FLStyle


Looks interesting, doubt it'll play anything like that though

Posted by fireproofshark

hmmm....... that little cocktail seemed too expensive for my tastes

Posted by winsol

wait...am i going nuts or is that sean beans voice in this trailer?

Posted by NocturnusFatalis

Looks interesting, too bad it's an MMO

Posted by dr_mantas

Knowledge is chest triangles.

Edited by Origina1Penguin

I get the feeling that I'd be far more interested in a book involving this universe. 
EDIT: Actually, does anybody know some books they would recommend?

Posted by LassieME

All that grey and brown in the in-engine footage makes me want to puke. Why can't funcom make anything unique anymore?

Posted by LiquidPrince

Story looks like it could be awesome, but gameplay looks like poop.

Posted by PassiveKaerenai

I am in love with that accent. the actual gameplay looks...meh

Posted by kleinteetasse

The future!

Posted by RollingZeppelin

I like the main character's Manchester accent, that's all I can glean from the trailer.

Posted by Bourbon_Warrior

@winsol said:

wait...am i going nuts or is that sean beans voice in this trailer?

No thats like saying Peewee Herman sounds like Chuck Norris cause hes American

Posted by Catarrhal

Your favorite rapper is in the Illuminati.

Posted by artofwar420

Video games.

Posted by Calavero

Man, I would be all over this if it weren't an MMO.

Posted by paulwade1984

I agree that this looks awful. bland and janky in only the way mmorpg's can.

Posted by Suedehead

Wherrrrre is the next Dreamfall game?

Posted by GreggD

I wonder what Hitman thinks of this game.

Posted by kozmo7

@KenniVuitton said:

this looks pretty bad yo


Posted by Legend

@Suedehead said:

Wherrrrre is the next Dreamfall game?

This. We want answers Funcom!

Posted by Rawson

*sees "Funcom"*

No thanks.

Posted by FlaminB

Gameplay looks terrible, and the rest just looks dumb.

Posted by shep9toes

I don't get it

Posted by andrewf87462

Am I the only one hear that thinks the narator in this video sounds like Sean Bean?

Posted by Parsnip

I'd play a single player game in this universe.

Posted by Venatio

@Legend said:

@Suedehead said:

Wherrrrre is the next Dreamfall game?

This. We want answers Funcom!

I want more Dreamfall Funcom! Not another damn MMORPG

Posted by Funkydupe

Looks interesting. Funcom kind of tries too hard in these trailers it seems, always wanting to show everything in the game making it a bit messy to follow.

Posted by Stonyman65

Until they showed that big rock thing I thought it was another Deus Ex game. I am now disappointed.

Posted by teh_destroyer

More interested in that scotch than the actual game.

Posted by Finscher

@andrewf87462: It's an accent. People with the same accent frequently sound similar. People without the same accent do not.

Posted by vikingdeath1

Gameplay doesnt exactly jump out at me.. But some of that supernatural stuff looks pretty choice

Posted by DeadMonkeys

The Illuminati pahrty HAHRD!

Posted by JJ_FIGGY

is this what 2poch was always talking about?...see what i did there

Posted by sirdesmond

I have a feeling this game will be mostly a failure but will gain an extremely loyal and ultra hardcore audience among the weird kind of nerd who seem to live and breathe this kind of maybe-the-world-is-really-like-this fiction stuff.

Posted by the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG

Blah....  Im not going to play this

Posted by sofakingcool

Well that was dumb.

Posted by Spiritof

Couldn't help but think of this.

Posted by CaptainCody

If this is something like Planetary I can find interest in it's universe.

Posted by lockwoodx

Funcom's about the only mmo designer left who knows how to properly add atmosphere to their games so they look and feel like living breathing worlds. That said, if it plays like a typical mmo, then no thanks.

Posted by joachimo

I reeeeeeeally want Funcom to succeed, but I fear the worst for this game :<

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