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Posted by jayjonesjunior

Only one who likes D3

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Edited by hazzor

sweet, more grinding

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Edited by SSully

I am in. I had plenty of fun with Diablo 3 and wouldn't mind going in for some more.

Though if it's more then 20 I may wait a bit to play it...

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Posted by Humanity

Only one who likes D3

I think a lot of people liked it, but they just got burnt out on it way faster and it's not even because it's a bad game or anything but rather because we're all slowly moving on from those type of games.

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Posted by Korolev

I liked D3. I didn't think it was the greatest game in the world, but I put a good couple hundred hours into the game. Will probably get this.

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Posted by sociald1077

I'm in. Cant wait to try the new class.

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Edited by Zirilius

Absolutely can't wait for this.

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Edited by Kiri90

I'll get it since I played a ton of D3 last year. I just haven't revisited the game in many months.

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Posted by MonkfishEsq

I wish I could have liked D3 more. After I completed it once on normal that was "it" for me and I never really had any urge to play it ever again. A couple of months ago I went on a real tear and got to the hardest difficulty but the loop of "level up so you can get better items so you can level up so you can get better items" is just so boring and un-rewarding.

The auction house basically killed all interest I had with getting better loot. No matter how good you are, no matter how lucky you are or no matter how good you think your loot is there's always something better on the auction house.

All the rare yellow drops in the game are completely worthless, legendaries are borderline worthless unless you're the luckiest 'sonbitch in the world and manage to get one with useful stats that your class can use.

After a certain point why bother even playing? The people still heavily invested in this game are all AH barons who's only job is to grind for 20 hours a day so they can make another 3 billion gold. It's such a shame.

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Posted by kseoul

Awesome. I can't wait.

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Posted by Dimi3je

Was hoping for 2 new classes, but I'm probably going to get it anyway. Loot runs sound interesting.

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Posted by NinjaChocobo

Wonder how long it'll take 'em to put this to that console version they're making. If ever. Was gonna get that since my crappy computer can't really run the game. Guess I should wait and see if this comes or if it'll be DLC or something.

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Edited by MeatSim

Two traditional expansion packs announced on the same day? That certainly is rare in the DLC era.

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Edited by Veektarius

The Crusader is exactly the sort of character I like to play in Diablo, but the powers displayed there could have looked more exciting. I guess you can only do so much with melee.

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Edited by Addfwyn

I'm pretty stoked for this. I'm also pleasantly surprised that GB as a whole hasn't seemed to jump on the 'hating everything Blizzard does is cool' trend.

I may get it on console though, as while I still have yet to ever get a 60 in the PC version after hundreds of hours, I may just simply enjoy playing it more on my PS3 than on a computer.

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Posted by Xymox

I feel like such a dick for basically not being interested in this unless levels are handed to me on a silver platter and I can start the new content straight away - with a level 60 Crusader if necessary. Because I just have zero interest in re-playing the game for the zillionth time at this point. I mean, that's usually the case with these things right, that the new areas will be focused on max level characters, and as I have no interest in playing my Monk any more than I already have, I guess the expansion isn't for me.

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Posted by damehasclass

I really enjoy Diablo 3, I recognize it's (many) flaws but I've never come close to the 300+ hour endgame of MP10 and Paragon Level 60. I think it'd be easy to get discouraged and burned out when you get near or to that point, since there really isn't much to do if you're not making a game of the AH. I stopped playing last summer, and I picked it up again a few months ago and I've been having fun with it.

All these changes look great. I kind of figured Transmogrification was going to make it into this expansion, people loved it in WoW and other games like Guild Wars 2, no reason not to put it into Diablo. Crusader looks fun, we definitely don't need anymore squishy ranged classes.

The story looks boring as always, but I don't think anyone is surprised by that. I think there's a lot of potential to create lore within Diablo but.. not gonna happen with Metzen.

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Posted by Brake

I played the shit out of Diablo 3 and although I haven't gone back since Summer 2012, I'm definitely down for some new Die-ablo content.

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Posted by Wilshere

Looks like they are adding useful thing into the game. The return of stats customization is welcomed. My only wish is that they release it for free. Since they probably make a lot of money from the auction house. I'd imagine that they would want a large portion of the fan base to have an incentive to play more = trade more items in the AH. It probably won't happen, though.

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Posted by Lazyaza

Welp, guess I gotta get this. Wonder if they decided to make Inferno difficulty actually playable at long last.

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Posted by Traegan

I enjoyed my time with Diablo 3, even though the burn was not as long as D2. Will be picking this up.

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Posted by Mr_Skeleton

Fool me once...

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Edited by Nasos100

@meatsim: wait, whats the other expansion?

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Posted by Zoeytrope

Cue tide of bitter fanboys complaining that it doesn't turn the game into Diablo 2.

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Posted by Elwoodan

The new class/areas look cool, but I hope they add new systems and stuff for the current classes as well, Diablo is all about progressing systems, so the more bars they add to fill up the happier I'll be!

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Posted by cloudymusic

This game is extremely exciting if you play it on Hardcore. Looking forward to revisiting this at some point.

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Posted by rabidwombat

@humanity: Your explanation mirrors exactly how I feel. Well done.

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Edited by JadeGL

Even though I know that Diablo III is nowhere near as good as Diablo II, I am still excited for this. I played a lot of Diablo III, 80+ hours at least, 60 levels and maybe 15 prestige levels on my main plus playing through inferno about 3 or 4 times, so I certainly can't say that I didn't get my value out of the original release. I wish it was more, maybe 2 classes like they did with Diablo II, but it's still nice to have an expansion and a reason to go back to the game.

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Posted by Zirilius

@jadegl said:

Even though I know that Diablo III is nowhere near as good as Diablo II, I am still excited for this. I played a lot of Diablo III, 80+ hours at least, 60 levels and maybe 15 prestige levels on my main plus playing through inferno about 3 or 4 times, so I certainly can't say that I didn't get my value out of the original release. I wish it was more, maybe 2 classes like they did with Diablo II, but it's still nice to have an expansion and a reason to go back to the game.

There are two new classes. Male Crusader and Female crusader.

On a less sarcastic note it does suck having to relevel from 1-60 again as a Crusader but man I really like the way they looked.

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Edited by Budwyzer

Aaawwww. Was I the only one hoping the next character class would be Sam or Dean Winchester, with a permanent passive aura that causes all enemies to gloat continuously and cuts their attacks in half against you while dying in one hit?

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Posted by MeatSim
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Posted by 2kings

When does this come out?

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Posted by 014

I really like D3. Why do I have to play 200 hours or more to prove it? Playing through it a couple times is enough for me.

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Posted by SpunkyHePanda

Was expecting more sarcasm in here, but I'm pleasantly surprised. Anyway, I'm pumped. One new class seems kind of slim, but maybe they have more to announce? I'm way into the new loot and paragon system.

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Posted by Death_Burnout

Hearing the new game director talk about this in-depth has definitely got me interested, sounds like it is going to largely fix all of my problems with D3. Shame we'll have to wait forever for it though...

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Posted by bobo6463

was that Zeratul's voice at the end?

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Posted by Pop

You mean to tell me this isn't coming out in 2014? I doubt it but hell I thought diablo 3 would come out like 2 years before it actually did. Blizzard time is when it's done™

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Edited by jakob187

@humanity said:
@jayjonesjunior said:

Only one who likes D3

I think a lot of people liked it, but they just got burnt out on it way faster...

No. It's because the 1.03 patch started doing what everyone was afraid of: nerfing Inferno mode to be easy as hell, bringing in the real money auction house which virtually started ruining the need to grind anything but gold, no honest endgame (and I wouldn't even call the addition of Monster Level in dungeons to be endgame), and overall forcing cookie cutter builds rather than promoting build diversity.

Has some of that changed? Maybe. I honestly couldn't tell you because I uninstalled that game about two weeks or so after the game came out. I was also incredibly vocal about it on these forums. As a Diablo fan, that game was a complete disgrace. It went against many of the principles that made Diablo worthwhile.

Nonetheless, don't get it twisted. People jumped ship because Blizzard fucked a lot of things up too early.

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Edited by fox01313

Well about 5 years too late on this expansion, D3 was fun for about a weekend finishing off the overly short story & just got to what happens with Blizzard's other game World of Warcraft where it goes from taking your variety of gear & skills you get at the start to where you need to be excessively specific on what you need for gear & skills or you just can't get through it. Compared to the previous Diablo 2 expansion that added many classes, this mock paladin of the Crusader just doesn't feel worth the price plus if D3 is still excessively short, this expansion won't help things. Definitely going to pass on this expansion, strange seeing that they are still doing things for the game that just fell short compared to Starcraft2 as a recent sequel to a past Blizzard franchise.

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Posted by Efesell

Diablo 3 is awesome, count me in.

Just maybe be a little more prepared for when you first turn the servers on this time.

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Posted by AngriGhandi

I could go on for a long time about why I don't think Diablo 3 lived up to Diablo 2... but I won't!

Instead I'll just say that these "new environments" look suspiciously like more graveyards and tombs. And, I find it hard to imagine anybody is going to get very excited about this expansion in general, as long as it's still attached to Diablo 3-- the RPG where you don't really build your character, you just go buy fancier stuff.

It'll still sell, because at this point Blizzard have achieved the level of reputation where people will buy their games even if they aren't sure they want to, but it doesn't change the underlying problem of a game that feels less like a cohesive experience and more like a monetization scheme.

To me, anyway.

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Edited by Vash108

Yes, i'll have some more crap to go with my crap sandwich.


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Posted by m16mojo2

Well, this looks boring as shit...

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Posted by Breadfan

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Posted by Megasheep

As soon as I saw that class I said to myself, "Hot damn! They brought the paladin back!" Who knows how close it will play to the paladin, but I can't wait to get my hands on that. Sword and board is how I played my barbarian, so it will be nice to have a class that is designed around having a shield.

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Edited by kishinfoulux

Looks awesome. Screw the haters.

Was hoping for another class, but oh well. Crusader looks like it can be fun.

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Posted by joachimo

after 300 hours of D3 last year, I'm up for some more ;)

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Edited by Tordah

I like the look of the crusader, but I'm not sure I want more Diablo 3. It just wan't the game I was hoping it to be. A huge disappointment after Diablo 2, which is my favourite game of all time.

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