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Posted by Koolaids_Back

I Am Legend game by Naughty Dog? I'm in.

Posted by AlexanderSheen

I told you it's Troy Baker, didn't I?

Posted by dreamkin

@bluecollaralaskan: How is open world not what Naughty Dog does? Have you ever heard of Jak and Daxter?

Posted by Osaladin

I am legend? Roxors my boxors. Uncharted was never really my thing, but this has me intrigued.

Posted by Eyz

The game might and will surely turn out great..but I just can't love those character designs..I dunno... blah...

Posted by Brickd

I'm looking forward to seeing a new Naughty Dog franchise after the sheer quality of Uncharted. Yeehaw!!

Posted by JayDarco

Looks interesting. Was it just me or did the girl look like Ellen Page?

Posted by SharkMan


Posted by HHAP

@JayDarco said:

Looks interesting. Was it just me or did the girl look like Ellen Page?

Same here.

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Yes, Yes! A thousand times Yes!

Posted by DJJoeJoe

Dang it Naughty Dog I told you, I don't have the money for a PS3... you big jerks!

Posted by mr_shoeless

Yet another zombie game...

Posted by mrhollender

looks like Enslaved with Crazies. I'm in.

Posted by MeatSim

What's up Troy Baker, it's cool that everyone's giving you work now days.

Posted by bulldog300

I'd love to see a zombie game that focuses on survival as much as on shooting things.

Posted by Krixok

Hopefully the combat is good, if this is like Uncharted's combat....I don't know...

Posted by NoK

Captured on a PS3 it says at the beginning.....THEY CAN CAPTURE SHIT AND PUT IT IN A PS3!? I have some things I need captured...