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It's nice to see a trailer with gameplay.

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too slow! :(
trailer looks... well we know what to expect.

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wow, never been this close..

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"Yo, we heard you liked Deathspank, so we put some Deathspank in your Deathspank so you could Dea- "
"Um, sir." 
"... Yeah?" 
"They actually don't want any more Deathspank." 

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so i see deathspank is still very.... not funny

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Everytime i see the word deathspank or thong on this game or the one before, a little part of me dies
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For what looks like a pretty bad game they sure managed to kick out a good-looking trailer. I think Deathspank is a serious warning to developers of what happens when you try to make a game and it's sequel at the same time.

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I liked the first one so I bet ill like this one

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It bums me out that Ron Gilbert went from making one of the best games ever, Monkey Island, is doing this piece of crap. It's not funny, you can stop.

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Nothing I see of this game seems funny.