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@joeshabadoo: Same. Even if you don't like the art, it's still a Zelda game.

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Perhaps a miscalculation on the ol launch date

I'm pretty sure their core audience doesn't give a fuck about the X1. But SMB thing seems stupid

Play. The Game.

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Maybe I will get a 2DS someday and play this.

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@alpinehermit: Yeah like I said maybe after I play it my opinion will totally shift, either way I'm still excited to play the game. I'm just one of those people who never seems to get tired of Zelda. A few months back I went on a marathon playing all the games I hadn't finished/replayed a few. Played through the two DS games, Seasons/Oracles, Majora(Played through it multiple times but never finished because I saw my brothers finish it), Ocarina of Time 3DS, and Four Swords Adventures. To say the least I was in between gigs and had way to much free time.

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the dungeons are going to be so awesome with tons of verticality. I can't wait to see people start to speed run this game given the non-linear nature and what appears to be a solid moveset.

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The whole 'retro' but not 'retro' look is getting a bit stale. It comes down to gameplay, which usually is decent in Zelda games. They haven't messed Zelda up as much as the New Mario/Donkey Kong games yet (though I was not really engaged enough to get through more than a few hours of Skyward Sword). I guess these new games aren't really aimed at the people who grew up with the originals as if they were then the original controls should have been kept.

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That camera is in really tight.

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I have a Wii.

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I am hoping that the game looks much better on the actual 3DS. I can't help but feel they could have had more detail on the character and level design. Maybe it will look great on the small screen and I am interested because it appears to have 3D visual puzzles/platforms like 3D Land.

Not sold on the wall moving feature but I guess we will have to wait and see how that turns out. Nintendo should definitely have selectable difficulties (like Wind Waker HD).

The purple character I have seen in videos looks bad. He might just be the Jar Jar Binks of the piece.

*It. He. She looks like something from Rayman Raving Rabbids. Not good Nintendo. I just know I won't like 'it' (This particular character.)

Should I assume you don't remember the part of Link to the Past when Link first gets into the Dark World and it turns him into a guy with a pink rabbit head, because people in the Dark World get turned into an animal that reflects their inner nature or something? Link has to find some gem early on that allows him to retain his normal human form in the Dark World.

Because that seems like an obvious reference to that sequence.