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Posted by MC_Izawa

Because who doesn't love the swimming levels in platformers?  Lets just make a whole game like that.

Posted by masternater27

The music makes me want to kill something

Posted by PlatypusPlatoon

The saccharine sweetness in this game makes Kirby look like a sourpuss.

Posted by needforswede
@PlatypusPlatoon: It does remind me a lot of Kirby, especially with the transforming and all.  I think I'd be able to stomach the hyper cuteness if it's actually a good game.
Posted by KevSlider

Oh nos! It looks to Japanese for me! (Sarcasm)

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Cuteness overload. I want this game. Not because it's so cute, but...because...um...

I like sidescrollers especially with their own original gimmicks. Starfy's cuteness doesn't hurt. I hope the minigames aren't dull over time like Wario: Master of Disguise's was.

Posted by MeatSim

So the star from Super Mario got his own game, huh.

Posted by Reetesh

This reminds me of those Crayon Kirby games for SNES, it had similar thing where I fused with a partner and could do different things. Wonder if the team behind both the games is same..

Anyways. "What will you and I do?" ?!?!?!? When did they start doing that thing... man thats one really silly choice for a tagline.. I guess they hired someone from the Highly succesful Sony Marketing team :/

Posted by Serraxor

Finally. People are calling it "Starfy" instead of "Stafy". "Stafy" makes it look like an adjective for a nasty infection on top of it being wrong...

Posted by Dan_CiTi

Didn't this game come out in like 2006 in Japan? It feels so old.

Posted by Sata

I laughed at the "What will you and do?"

Posted by smokeH
haha, I played the originals they were pretty fun, a lot like kirby. The advantage of living in Japan although there are some disadvantages such as Japanese games and lack of 360 games so on.
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Posted by PenguinDust

The first game came out in the early 2000s.  I heard they were pretty popular in Japan.  I don't know why it took Nintendo so long to bring the franchise to the West.  Maybe they thought it was too similar to Kirby and might cause confusion, or maybe now (with success) they are feeling ballsy enough to ship whatever they please.

Posted by Llyr

Starfish + Rabbit = Dragon

Posted by Gamer_152

I'm not sure what I've just seen but I know I can't unsee it.

Posted by thedj93

why does the kangaroo/rabbit-starfish breathe fire?

Posted by pisk

DSi exclusive? 

probably just DSi-enhanced.
Posted by Media_Master

I'm too old for this