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this and dance central makes me want to get kinect.

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Can't believe I missed this part, lmao

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@Navyseils said:
" I love it.  "
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What the heck did I just watch?!

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This Right here is why I love Giant Bomb so damn much! The lead up & making of this video is all the laughter I will need for about 2 weeks.

Posted by Xanth93

This video is hysterical.

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Funnyist thing ever

Posted by Daisai

hahahaha >< watch it again? x6 and still going

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This is probably the greatest thing I've seen.

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Video games confirmed for art.

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This is probably going to end up being a future internet meme. Can you see all the horrible annoying-ness to come?

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This should be on the front page. It's another defining moment in Ryan history.