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Posted by imayellowfellow

omg that looks pretty awful

Posted by 8xBiT

So fucking stupid.

Posted by JackSukeru

Just remembered that I haven't got around to reading the last book yet. Hmm..

Posted by CowMuffins

Eh, the graphics look pretty good for a movie game.

Posted by Death_Unicorn


Posted by TheMustacheHero

butch girl is butch.

Posted by get2sammyb

The graphics look a bit rough.

But hey, they got the whole cast to talk about it with enthusiasm.

Posted by Hairydutchman

Wow Emma Watson has become quite the lady!

Posted by alsnuts2

Buffer Video... Check! Turn Off sound... Check! Remove Pants... Double Check!

Posted by mrsmiley

The character models and animations look extremely creepy.

Edited by MatthewMeadows

Ginny looks like a psycho

"We're going to win the cup 0.0...LOOK INTO MY SOUL"

EDIT: Huh that Animation dude basically explains what motion capture is and then goes onto claim that they will revolutionise it. What a f*ucking horrible trailer (apart from Emma Watson, who is hot)
Posted by Daryl
@alsnuts2: Was good in Megan Fox video, looks lazy in this one.
Posted by Nasar7

And Ms. Rowling's money trains keeps a-chuggin'

Posted by Hairydutchman
@Daryl said:
" @alsnuts2: Was good in Megan Fox video, looks lazy in this one. "
Emma Watson is more fap worthy than Megan Fox (imho).
Posted by DerekDanahy

I don't remember rows of pumpkin men trying to stop Harry from catching the snitch in the books.

Posted by torus

Harry Potter and the Half-Assed Game.

Posted by ashbash

It looks... pfft.

Posted by Peanut

The character models will give me horrible horrible nightmares. I love Harry Potter, but this shit is weak, as usual. Looks like Chamber of Secrets will remain the only passable HP game.

Posted by Videogames

Right'o let's play quiddich, those bloody muggles and their crazy football.

Posted by AURON570

i realized at about half way through you can probably only play as seeker and only harry. this game is probably doomed like most movie-to-game games.

Posted by Hef


Posted by JammyJesus

Wow, stilted face animation much?

Posted by Pie

"All the thrills of riding on a broom" made me laugh.

Posted by ch3burashka

The character models look scary. Apparently they haven't improved those since the first game. Argh.

Posted by Nitrocore

"we all know that Quidich is favourite of many of the Harry Potter fans, but how did the EA Team create such an exciting game?" - They didn't

Posted by T0mF5

Cutcenes look pretty bad.

Posted by HeaveyMental


Posted by Foggen

The soullessness of these videos make Megan Fox look like Cliffy B.

Posted by Mawryk

All the fun of riding on a broom! 

Posted by gormers
@mrsmiley said:
" The character models and animations look extremely creepy. "
Second that. Anyway I think the earlier games was ok, but its strange that they cant to the faces on the characters more "less-creepy".
Posted by Utlas

Whenever theres flying involved, I'm in!

Posted by Herreno

Quick look.


Edited by Scarabus

Blonde dude in the beginning is balding bad, lol.

Posted by Metal_Mills

God, EA's games need new engines. At least this can't be as bad as the last game...right?

Posted by tunnercar

Wow... uhhhh not looking so good at 1:41. I'm sure my 7 yr old borther will get it it has flying on broomsticks and the whole harry potter gang! Yup This game will SUCK!

Posted by GreatFunStuff

reminds me of those burger king games

Posted by grasslunatic

Emma Watson.

Posted by Milkman

Stop snitching.

Posted by drik

Whoa I like the way they gave them all crack cocaine before filming... They`re excited as shit for this...

Posted by Media_Master

very stiff looking faces and action

Posted by MeatSim

Confirmed, people with British accents are in this game.

Posted by Slaveg


Posted by phlegms

Oh this cant possibly end well..

Posted by Nightsearch

Zombie Potter?

Posted by TehPickle

The character models are really quite creepy.

Also live action actors pretending to interact with cgi fairy dust is never ever good.

Posted by Basse21

the fuck?!

Posted by musdy

he's not hot.

Posted by Slaneesh

It looked anything but inovative to me. Epic Fail

Posted by InsanePotato

This looks poor on at least dozen levels. Can't believe they're trying to hype this crap.

Posted by ChrisTaran

Holy uncanny valley batman!

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